POS Displays

Easy to Assembly, Fast setup for Event Promotion!
BannerSHOP POS Displays: Promotional Table, Foldable Table, X Frame + PVC, 7 Stand + Foamboard, Hand-held Boards…etc. These displays is easy to assembly and transport, suitable for any campaign, short-term exhibition, and a wide range of uses, effectively display the promotion information of products and increase the promotion effectiveness.

  1. Foldable Table
    Foldable Table
    • Apply for: Any promotion including: street promotion, booth, short-term exhibition and so on
    • Easy to install and dismantle
    • Foldable design
    • Lightweight and durable
  2. X Frame Banner & Poster
    X Frame Banner & Poster
    • Apply for: All kinds of indoor exhibitions, short-term promotion, business promotion, shop promotion and so on
    • Lightweight and easy to install and transport
    • Suit for poster
    • Free to adjust the angle
  3. 流動廣告枱, 流動廣告牌
    Hand-held Boards
    • Apply for: Street Sales Promotion, Exhibition, Booth Promotion
    • Light, eye catching and flexible
    • High mobility
    • Single / double-sided printing
  4. Promotional Table
    Promotional Table
    •  Apply for: Supermarket food promotion, street promotion (credit card, broadband Internet service) and so on
    •  Tough and durable
    •  Easy to assemble
    •  Free lamination (Gloss or Matt)
  5. A Stand + Ultra YUPO
    A Stand + Ultra YUPO
    •  Apply for: Store promotion, restaurants, school activities and so on
    •  Foldable
    •  Lightweight frame body
    •  Easy to install and carry
  6. Portable Tripod + Foamboard
    Portable Tripod + Foamboard
    • Apply for: Store promotion, restaurants, school activities and so on
    • Telescopic design
    • Easy to storage
    • Equipped with a small clip
  7. 7 Stand + Foamboard
    7 Stand + Foamboard
    • Apply for: Outlet and sales promotion
    • Made by aluminum and durable
    • Configured with plastic clip on top
    • Single / double-sided printing