Fabric - Must Have Item for Decorate!
Fabric can be made to kinds of product! For example: Pillow, Cushion, Curtain, Car Curtain, Picnic Cloth, Apron, Gloves, and Partition etc. Fabric can be used on business aspect & brand promotion not only for home used nowadays.
BannerSHOP's fabrics are durable, heavy duty, water-repellent and easy to use.

  1. CNY Cushions (with inner)
    CNY Cushions (with inner)
    • Apply for: CNY decoration
    • Provide your photo
  2. CNY Cushions Cover Only
    CNY Cushions Cover Only
    • Apply for: CNY decoration
    • Provide your photo
  3. Customized Cushion
    Customized Cushion
    •  Apply for: Gifts ideal for your own or others, home decoration
    •  Lightweight, soft and smooth
    •  Silky feeling which adds elegance
  4. Supertwill
    • Apply for: Banquet, seminars, exhibition, tablecloths, chair covers
    • Good quality matt fabric
    • Strong fabric
    • Water resistant
  5. Pennant Satin
    Pennant Satin
    • Apply for: storefront decoration and window display
    • Lightweight, soft and smooth
    • Glossy
    • Silky feeling which adds elegance
  6. Displaytex™
    • Apply for: Matrix Frame, Fabric-Pop-Up, point of sales (eg. poster, banner etc)
    • Pass Fire Retardant (FR) B1 M1 Standard
    • Larger width and lenght than other Fabric
  7. Trilobal Satin
    Trilobal Satin
    • Apply for:  Street flag, large indoor banners within shopping malls
    • Strong fabric with medium weight
    • Gloss finish and single sided printing with solid front image
    • This fabric has a shimmer and slight ribbing to its weave
  8. Voile
    • Apply for: Room divider, Brand promotion
    • Extremely lightweight and thin
    • Single-sided printing double-sided effect
    • Elastic and semi-transparent
  9. Pongee
    • Apply for: Flags or Window decoration
    • Lightweight and smooth
    • Semi-transparent material