Sharp Color Perfectly Delivered – Lightbox!
Lightbox can be seen anywhere, especially the movie release, chain-store promotion, brand promotion…they will use the advertising space on the street to attract new customers!
BannerSHOP exclusive Pro-Imaging Grade Backlit (EPSON COLORSURE Series) with strong light and dark contractions, popular is used by many brands, which is suitable for all kinds of lightbox advertising.

  1. Pro-Imaging Grade Backlit (EPSON Colorsure Series)
    Pro-Imaging Grade Backlit (EPSON Colorsure Series)
    • Apply for: small lightbox advertisement
    • Good transmittance
    • Colorful
  2. mtr poster size, 地鐵廣告牌,巴士廣告設計
    MTR/Bus Transit Use (4 Sheets Series)
    • Apply for: MTR / Bus stop light box
    • Authorized installation contractor in HK
    • Precise automation cut-fitting to speed up installation time