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Pull Up Banner Deluxe - Product Information:

Deluxe Pull up banners are a stylish solution ideal for a range of occasions and environments to market your brand and message. The deluxe up banner is the sleekest way to display your brand whilst keep set up easy and quick.

Our Deluxe banners feature a modern looking aluminium base that is robust. We back this product with a 2 year warranty to ensure you have a long lasting advertising banner. Storing your banner is just as simple with its custom fitted carry bag and solid carry handles. Make the leap from the competition to this luxurious product. This is a deluxe option of our premium pull up banner.

This sleek display features our eco-friendly ultrayupo material that is UV and water resistant. The high resolution print is designed will avoid curling and give you years of service.


Hardware Materials: 


Stand Base Color:


Width x Height / Weight:

-850(W) x 2150(H)mm / 6.7kg
-1000(W) x 2150(H)mm / 7.5kg
-1200(W) x 2150(H)mm / 9.4kg

  • ‧ Suitable for: large branding activities or big events
  • ‧ More durable, elegant and generous wide base
  • ‧ Aluminum hardware, more durable than Disposable series
  • ‧ Tough and eye-catching of 2150mm height
  • ‧ 2 Years hardware repair warranty
  • ‧ Pull Up Banner can be choose Laminated Poster, or upgrade to ULTRAYUPO® and Transparent PET:



Laminated Poster (PP)



Outdoor. Japanese paper material, Water Resistant, UV Resistant and Curl Resistant on both sides

Transparent PET

Both indoor and outdoor

Transparent + color printing

  • ‧ High resolution with sharp color printing
  • ‧ Package included: Pull up banner (silver base with cap at 2 ends + three sections pole) + Hi-res quality printing + Carry bag




產品 尺寸/型號 下載
優質易拉架 850x2150
優質易拉架 1000x2150
優質易拉架 1200x2150

1. What is the different between roll up banner with PP paper and ULTRAYUPO® paper?
PP paper is indoor materials and which is water proof, good quality and it has bright matte surface option. ULTRAYUPO® paper is outdoor materials, waterproof protection from the sun, but only the matte option.

2.What is the different between glossary and matt surface?
Glossary surface looks brighter and sharper. Matte surface can prevent lighting reflection and relatively thicker, which is suitable for photo shooting or backdrop propose.