Pull up Banner Accessories

  1. Pull Up Banner - Poles
    Pull Up Banner - Poles
    • Commonly used: All BannerSHOP's Pull Up Banner
    • Replacement of lost or damaged
  2. Custom Length Poles
    Custom Length Poles
    •  Commonly used: Pull up Banner Deluxe
    •  Replacement of lost or damaged
    •  Height-Adjustable
    •  Maximum height 2000mm(H)
  3. GIGA™ 專業易拉架
    Pull Up Banner - Carry Bags
    • Commonly used: Pull Up Banner
    • Made of tough material, durable
    • Long hand strap design and easy to carry
  4. Pull Up Banner - Spotlight (50W)
    Pull Up Banner - Spotlight (50W)
    •  Commonly used: environment without sufficient lighting
    •  Specialy design for Pull Up Banner
    •  Need to connect with electricity
    •  Lightweight, easy to install and carry