Pull Up Banners

Pull Up banners are one of the most popular products for portable branding and messaging. Bannershop provides design, printing and assembly of pull up banners, perfect for advertising at exhibitions or pulling in walk-in traffic for a sale or promotion. Our pull up banners are provided with stands and neatly roll up for storage at the end of the day. Installation couldn’t be easier, just pop up and you’re ready to go. Bannershop’s Pull Up Banners can upgrade to feature printing with Japanese material - ULTRAYUPO®
In addition, Bannershop’ Pull Up Banner Premium and Pull Up Banner Deluxe have one and two years hardware repair warranty.

  1. Aluminium Pull Up Banner
    Aluminium Pull Up Banner
    • Durable
    • Commonly used: partition of virus prevention tools, short-term promotion and temporary measures
    • Catering industry uses as partition to block liquid droplets
    • Various size options
    • Lightweight and easy to install
  2. 易拉架價錢
    Toughened Plastic Pull Up Banner
    • Durable
    • Commonly used:  Short term promotion and temporary measures
    • Uses as partition to block liquid droplets
    • Plastic hardware
    • Economic
  3. GIGA™ Premium Pull Up Banner (with 1-year repair warranty)
    GIGA™ Premium Pull Up Banner (with 1-year repair warranty)
    • Durable
    •  Commonly used: long term promotion, roadshow, exhibition and sales promotion
    •  Aluminium hardware
    •  1 year hardware repair warranty
    •  Choice of a Black or Silver Base
  4. GIGA™ 優質平底易拉架
    GIGA™ Deluxe Flat Base Pull Up Banner (with 2-year repair warranty)
    • Durable
    • Commonly used: large branding activities or big events
    •  Aluminium hardware, eye-catching of 2150mm height
    •  2 years hardware repair warranty
    •  More durable, elegant and generous wide base
  5. 水滴型易拉架
    GIGA™ Teardrop Base Pull Up Banner
    • Durable
    • Suitable for: different types of exhibition, short term roadshow, sales promotion
    • Aluminum hardware, more durable than Disposable series
    • Elegant shaped design, wide-based, stable and safe
    • Package included: Pull up banner (silver base + three sections pole) + Hi-res quality printing + Carry bag
  6. Transparent PET Pull Up Banner (no print)
    Transparent PET Pull Up Banner (no print)
    • Durable
    • Uses as a partition to block liquid droplets
    • Easy to install and carry
    • Transparent and no need to print
  7. GIGA™ 專業易拉架
    Pull Up Banner - Carry Bags
    • Commonly used: Pull Up Banner
    • Made of tough material, durable
    • Long hand strap design and easy to carry
  8. Pull Up Banner - Poles
    Pull Up Banner - Poles
    • Commonly used: All BannerSHOP's Pull Up Banner
    • Replacement of lost or damaged
  9. Custom Length Poles
    Custom Length Poles
    •  Commonly used: Pull up Banner Deluxe
    •  Replacement of lost or damaged
    •  Height-Adjustable
    •  Maximum height 2000mm(H)
  10. Pull Up Banner - Spotlight (50W)
    Pull Up Banner - Spotlight (50W)
    •  Commonly used: environment without sufficient lighting
    •  Specialy design for Pull Up Banner
    •  Need to connect with electricity
    •  Lightweight, easy to install and carry