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  1. Label Stickers
    Label Stickers
    • Apply for: Barcode, logo sticker, event sticker, disinfectant products’ sticker etc.
    • Applicable to different shape and size
    • Kiss Cut as per label cutting or composing cutting by page
  2. Outdoor PP Sticker
    Outdoor PP Sticker
    • Apply for: Indoor and outdoor use, one-off sticker, such as Hoarding
    • Cost-effective
    • Non-removable
    • Print with High Resolution
  3. Magnetic Stickers
    Magnetic Stickers
    • Apply for: Car wrapping, bookmarks, almanac, spelling tools, insurance industry performance board and so on
    • Personalize yours magnetic stickers
    • Placed to iron or steel surface for promotion
    • Applicable to different shape
  4. Lightbox Stickers
    Lightbox Stickers
    • Apply for: Lightbox advertisement, Signage
    • Color management to ensure the accurate
    • Excellent transmittance, strong contrast of light/dark
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