Get a Business Opportunity with Sticker!
BannerSHOP offers a variety of stickers printing service, including UV White Ink Sticker, DIY Sticker, Outdoor Removable Sticker, Label Sticker...which is a widely used promotion tool.
The color of sticker is sharp and delicate; it has water-resistant function which is the best product for promotion.
We offer LOGO sticker, promotion sticker, event sticker; outdoor removable sticker, DIY Sticker, Frosted Sticker and Floor stickers, these stickers are flexible, easy to use and space-efficient.

  1. DIY Stickers
    DIY Stickers
    • Apply for: Glass or Window decoration
    • Self-installation easily, bubble free quality
    • Stick on/off made easy; Traceless on surface perfect for reuse
  2. Hi-Tac Sticker
    Hi-Tac Sticker
    • Suitable for: Rough, curved or irregular surfaces, such as stone wall, wardrobe, building exterior, bus seat cover, elevator etc.
    • Vibrant and long lasting color
    • Strong adhesion, good contact with target medium
  3. Polymeric Stickers
    Polymeric Stickers
    • Apply for: Long-term use in indoor / outdoor advertising, window decoration, vehicle advertising
    • Easy to remove, no residue leaving when torn off
    • Excellent durability which lasts for 3-5 years
  4. Lightbox Premium Sticker
    Lightbox Premium Sticker
    • Apply for: Lightbox advertisement, Signage
    • Color management to ensure the accurate
    • Excellent transmittance, strong contrast of light/dark
  5. UV White Ink Sticker
    UV White Ink Sticker
    • Apply for: Glass or Window decoration, Car Body, & Acrylic Products
    • Transparent & Frosted Sticker is applicable to print with white ink
    • Its color is bright & strong contrast
    • Waterproof
  6. Cling Film
    Cling Film
    • Apply for: Any smooth surfaces such as glass, car, phone, fridge etc. Commonly use in driving license, maintenance record label,   electronics products’ protective film
    • No adhesive, therefore no traces will be left after removal
    • Easy to apply and remove
  7. Outdoor Removable Sticker
    Outdoor Removable Sticker
    • Apply for: Both indoor and outdoor Glass/Window/Aluminum plate/ Car Wrapping
    • No layer of residue
    • Water and UV Resistance
  8. Label Sticker
    Label Sticker
    • Apply for: Barcode, logo sticker, event sticker etc.
    • Applicable to different shape and size
    • Kiss Cut as per label cutting or composing cutting by page
  9. Indoor PP Sticker
    Indoor PP Sticker
    • Apply for: Indoor use, one-off sticker, such as Hoarding
    • Cost-effective
    • Non-removable
    • Free lamination (Gloss or Matt)
  10. Adhesive Front Stickers
    Adhesive Front Stickers
    • Apply for: Indoor use, used for display in glass or site decoration
    • Reversed image printed on white sticker
    • Single-sided / Double-sided
  11. Transparent Stickers
    Transparent Stickers
    • Apply for: Window display and glass
    • Transparent effect
    • Available in normal and reverse image printing
    • No layer of residue
  12. Frosted Stickers
    Frosted Stickers
    • Apply for: Office decoration and glass door
    • High privacy
    • Semi-transparent, frosted effect
    • No layer of residue
  13. Micro Hole Stickers
    Micro Hole Stickers
    • Apply for: Window display, vehicle windows
    • High transparency
    • Micro-holes on surface
    • Water and UV Resistance, scratch proof
  14. Floor Stickers
    Floor Stickers
    • Apply for: Corridor, shopping malls, lobbies, cinemas, supermarkets and so on
    • Floor slip resistance, safe and reliable
    • Water and UV resistant
    • Reinforcing existing promotion campaign, great space savers
  15. Magnetic Sheet
    Magnetic Sheet
    • Apply for: Car wrapping, bookmarks, almanac, spelling tools, insurance industry performance board and so on
    • Personalize yours magnetic sheet
    • Placed to iron or steel surface for promotion
    • Applicable to different shape