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Corflute- Product information:

Corflute (PP plate sheet, hollow partition board, Wantong board, corrugated board, or twin-wall plastic sheet) is a new lightweight, waterproof, non-toxic, and pollution-free sheet material with a hollow structure. Corrugated plastic sheet has the characteristics of shock resistance, moisture resistance, ageing resistance, and corrosion resistance. It comes in various colours and is suitable for engineering projects, advertising decoration, display boards, window styling, pop-up tables, and recycling boxes.

Recommended Features of Corflute:

  •  High-resolution printing produces bright and vivid colours.
  •  Suitable for advertising decoration, display boards, window styling, pop-up tables, recycling boxes, etc.
  •  Can replace materials such as corrugated paperboard, wood, etc., with multiple material options.
  •  Lightweight and sturdy design.
  •  Flexible structural design without the need for the injection mould.
  •  High-resolution printing on one side of the sheet with good texture.
  •  Material thickness is 5mm.
  •  Waterproof and sunproof, very durable.
  •  Can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes with multi-purpose outdoor sticking.
  •  Customizable in different sizes and personalized designs. Our advertising designers provide basic artwork design to provide customers with the fastest and most efficient artwork design service.
  •  The standard size is 90cm x 190cm.
  • Maximum Printable Size in mm: 1200x2410 mm
  •  Short delivery time as fast as 1 working day, with efficient service to provide customers with the required corrugated plastic sheet display products quickly.


Corflute choices - Corflute size 

The size of the Corflute can be customized arbitrarily. Bannershop provides customized service for the size of the Corflute. For the size and price quotation of the Corflute of different sizes, you can check the purchase panel above.

Corflute common size:


Corflute common size includes: 



Common corflute 


Corflute size (W x H 


A0 corflute  


84.1 x 118.9 cm 


A1 corflute


59.4 x 84.1 cm 


A2 corflute


42.0 x 59.4 cm 


A3 corflute


29.7 x 42 cm 


A4 corflute


21.0 x 29.7 cm 


A5 corflute


14.8 x 21.0 cm 

Corflute material|Corflute specifications

Corflute thickness:5mm 

Corflute colour:white

Corflute printing side:single-sided

Corflute material:MasterCast™ Matty CorfluteMasterCast™ Glossy Corflute


Buy Corflute|Corflute additional service

Corflute connection: You can choose not to connect the Corflute or $3 per square foot to connect the Corflute (personal follow-up)

Corflute processing service|Additional processing of Corflute|

Corflute additional processing service (optional)

Corflute price (additional price) 

Cutfit (4 sides) Corflute

No charge

Cut fit & wrap edge (4 sides) Corflute


Die-cut Corflute


4 sides with plastic stripping- Grey Corflute


4 sides with plastic stripping -Yellow Corflute


4 sides with plastic stripping-Green Corflute


4 sides with plastic stripping -Red Corflute


4 sides with plastic stripping-Blue Corflute 


4 sides with plastic stripping-Black Corflute


4 sides with plastic stripping- Gold Corflute


4 sides with plastic stripping-sliver Corflute


Custom-$6 per square foot


Punched hole (4 corners) Corflute 


Punched hole at top corners Corflute


Punched even holes  (4 sides) Corflute


Punched hole at top corners, tie fish line for hanging Corflute


Eyelets  (4  corners) Corflute


Eyelets at top corners Corflute


Apply carpet double-sided cloth tape at the back (4 sides) Corflute


Apply magic tape at the back (4 sides) Corflute


Cardboard Stand -15in (H) (39cm)


Cardboard Stand - 12in (H) (30.5cm)


Cardboard Stand - 8.5in (H) (22cm) 


Cardboard Stand - 6in (H) (15.5cm) 



Corflute accessories


Corflute accessories price(additional charge) 

Foamboard Hanger


Foamboard Stand (Pair) -71in(180cm) 


Foamboard Stand (Pair) -47in(120cm) 


Foamboard Stand (Pair)- 32in(81cm) 


  1. What if the order size is exceeded the maximum material size?
    You may select "Custom Joint" in the "Joint" option, we will contact you to dicuss the joint option and the artwork handling.
  2. How can I order more than 1 foamboard stand/paper stand?
    You can order extra accessories on the link below:

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at (852) 2988 8080.