$49 Pull Up Banner


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Special offer - Pull Up Banner - Product Information:

  • ‧  Suitable for: roadshow promotion
  • ‧   Plastic hardware
  • ‧  Water & UV Resistant
  • ‧  Cost-effective, easy to install and carry
  • ‧  Matt finishing
  • ‧  1 meter viewing distance
  • ‧  Package included: Pull up banner (white base + three sections pole) + Matt finishing printing + Carry bag




產品 尺寸/型號 下載
至抵易拉架 450x1600
至抵易拉架 600x1600
至抵易拉架 800x2000
  1. What is the different between roll up banner with PP paper and ULTRAYUPO® paper?
    PP paper is indoor materials and which is water proof, good quality and it has bright matte surface option. ULTRAYUPO® paper is outdoor materials, waterproof protection from the sun, but only the matte option.

  2. What is the different between glossary and matt surface?
    Glossary surface looks brighter and sharper. Matte surface can prevent lighting reflection and relatively thicker, which is suitable for photo shooting or backdrop propose.

Installation Guideline

Pull up banner: