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Portable Promotional Table - Product Information:

  • • Suitable for street promotion (such as bank credit card, broadband Internet access, beauty, fitness center, membership recruitment, etc.), booth promotion activities, special sales, supermarkets for food tasting promotion, etc.
  • • Made of PVC board, using high-quality materials, sturdy and durable
  • • Mounted with Bannershop’s own stickers, MasterCast™, available in matte or glossy finishes
  • • The portable promotion table is lightweight and easy to install, and the frame is reusable.
  • • If design services are needed, customer can contact Bannershop designer to help customize a personalized design
  • • The delivery time is as short as 2 working days to receive the table. High-efficiency service allows you to get the table you need for promotional purposes in the shortest time.

  •   Total size   609mm(W) x1800mm(H)
    Fascia board (visible)
      559mm(W) x 254mm(H)              
    Foot base (visible)
      Back plate:   559mm(W) x 635mm(H)
      Left Side Panel: 540mm(W) x 895mm(H)
      Middle Panel:  540mm(W) x 895mm(H)
      Right Side Panel: 540mm(W) x 895mm(H)


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Promotion Table Portable


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Portable Promotion Table: