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Fixed Side FoamECO™ Board- Product Information:

Fixed Side FoamECO™ Board reduces plastic usage and is economically practical.

Bannershop's value-for-money eco-friendly direct-print Foamboard uses direct printing technology to reduce the use of plastic. Even without traditional film, Bannershop's Foamboard still maintains high quality and the best price for customers.

Want to purchase Foamboard at a more affordable price? Consider the value-for-money eco-friendly direct-print Foamboard. The value-for-money eco-friendly direct-print Foamboard comes in two specified sizes, including close to A0 and close to A1. If you are holding a short-term promotional event, then the cost-effective value-for-money eco-friendly direct-print Foamboard is your best option. The value-for-money eco-friendly direct-print Foamboard has high resolution printing, vivid colors, and is both splash-proof and sun-proof, increasing its durability.

  • Suitable for: Any Short-term Promotion, Tent Card, Notice Board etc.
  • ‧ Light and easy to carry
  • ‧ Cost-effective
  • ‧ Bubble free
  • ‧Water Repellent & UV resistance
  • ‧Environmental friendly material
  • ‧Printed with high resolution, colorful and sharp
  • Recommended font size not smaller than 12