What is ad hoarding? What is it used for?

Generally speaking, advertising hoardings are used for store decoration. Due to the large size of the hoarding, the chances of passing by pedestrians are significantly increased.

In addition, the mounted advertisements on the hoardings can beautify the appearance and use the hoardings for 24-hour uninterrupted brand promotion or product promotion. Enterprises can choose to frame the ad, and trace the brand advertising to the decoration hoarding, such as the company's logo, the image design representing the corporate style, and simple text information, such as the opening or event date, to give the ordinary advertising hoarding rich meaning.

Food and Beverage

Using advertising hoardings, food stores can put their products on advertising hoardings, use pictures of signboard foods to attract the attention of pedestrians, and turn the hoardings into advertising boards during renovation, which is an affordable publicity method.

Professional Service

Using advertising fences, stores that provide services can put slogans or signs on advertising fences to promote their services and company philosophy to pedestrians, which is very helpful in building a brand image.

Case study

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