婚禮不論是簡單証婚或是晚宴,都有一大堆的瑣碎事情要理,由當晚佈置、回禮包裝、請帖、迎賓每一項都花不了心思。以下是婚禮wedding佈置的常用物資… 花點心思,你也可以親手設計婚禮上的小道具,既省錢又有滿足感,令你的婚禮更別出心裁。了解更多:幸福花嫁婚禮佈置手冊

  1. Foamboard
    • Price
    • Durable
    • Commonly used in: all kinds of promotion, especial for anti-epidemic measures tools, such as temperature measurement, disinfection notice standee
    • Indoor / outdoor can be used
    • Die-cut
    • Light and easy to carry
        • Selfie Frame Props
          Selfie Frame Props
          • Commonly used in: Wedding, Parties and Different types of activities
          • Die-cut
          • Light and easy to carry
        • 流動廣告枱, 流動廣告牌
          Hand-held Boards
          • Apply for: Street Sales Promotion, Exhibition, Booth Promotion
          • Light, eye catching and flexible
          • High mobility
          • Single / double-sided printing
        • Canvas
          • Price
          • Durable
          • Apply for: Wall paintings,  Interior decoration, Wedding
          • Water and UV Resistant
          • Tough & thick material
          • Can be print in canvas or mount with wooden frame
        • Label Sticker
          Label Sticker
          • Apply for: Barcode, logo sticker, event sticker, disinfectant products’ sticker etc.
          • Applicable to different shape and size
          • Kiss Cut as per label cutting or composing cutting by page
        • Portable Tripod + Foamboard
          Portable Tripod + Foamboard
          • Apply for: Store promotion, restaurants, school activities and so on
          • Telescopic design
          • Easy to storage
          • Equipped with a small clip
        • Pull Up Banner Budget
          Pull Up Banner Budget
          • Price
          • Durable
          • Commonly used: partition of virus prevention tools, short-term promotion and temporary measures
          • Catering industry uses as partition to block liquid droplets
          • Various size options
          • Lightweight and easy to install
        • 油畫木框
          Canvas on Wooden Frame (Custom)
          • Commonly used in: Office / Home Decoration, Wedding
          • High quality of Canvas, Water Resistant
          • Maximum width is 1320 x 2400mm