Bannershop Car Wrapping Service

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Bannershop professional team follows the "Spirit of Craftsmanship" which is providing a quality car wrapping service. We offer different types of car wrapping solutions to help you build up brand image.
車身貼紙 (24座小巴) 24座公共小巴
24 Seats Mini Bus
客貨車(貨Van) 車身貼紙 (客貨車)
車身貼紙 (7人私家車) 私家車(7人)
Private Car (7 ppl)
車身貼紙 (5.5噸無坑貨車) 5.5噸無坑貨車
5.5 Ton Truck
車身貼紙 (9噸無坑貨車) 9噸無坑貨車
9 Ton Truck
車身貼紙 (16噸無坑貨車) 16噸無坑貨車
16 Ton Truck
50座旅遊巴 車身貼紙 (50座旅遊巴)
50 Seats Coach
車身貼紙 (雪糕車/流動廣告車/美食車) 24座公共小巴
Promotional Trucks
Car wrapping can bring additional exposure to increase the brand awareness. Many customers are willing to invest
which is mobile advertisement. The following is our customer case study for your reference.
If you have any enquiries, please contact our team on 2988 8080.

Car Wrapping Advantage 1 - Enhance Brand Awareness

The public transport advertisement is the best way to increase brand awareness. Minibus has fixed route, which can aiming the target audience to exploit the market for your company.

車身貼紙 (客貨車) 車身貼紙 (客貨車)
***BANNERSHOP greatly enhances the consistency of printing quality, making brand promotion more cost-effective. ***

Car Wrapping Advantage 2 - Increase Brand Exposure

Long-term exposure is an important tactic to let customer remember your brand. Wrapping the whole car body to establishing a sharp image for the brand everywhere.

車身貼紙 (客貨車) 車身貼紙 (客貨車)

Car Wrapping Advantage 3 - Personalized Decoration

Many private car users want to create their own car sticker to show their uniqueness. In addition to the better outlook, it can also use as UV protection and increased privacy, making your car more different.

車身貼紙 (私家車) 車身貼紙 (私家車)
***BANNERSHOP used 3M car stickers with Hi-Res printing. It is water resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant and durable. Car wrapping is perfect fit in the surface, and no residue leaving when torn it off. ***

Car Wrapping Tips

The following steps help you to understand more about the tips and tricks of Car Wrapping.

車身貼紙 注意事項
車身貼紙 注意事項
車身貼紙 注意事項
Strict Measurement
The preparation of car wrap installation is quite a lot. It is because of the surface of each car is different and uneven. BANNERSHOP strictly implements measurement process, focus on all car details, radian, to ensure the size is accurate.
High Quality Materials Used
The raw material of car wrap sticker is playing a very important role. Using poor quality raw materials will directly damage car body. BANNERSHOP offer the best car wrap packaging materials: 3M, Avery. We use Hi-Res printing technology and professional color turning to ensure the good product quality.
"Spirit of Craftsmanship"
Car wrap installation is complicate and time-consuming, so it should pay attention to it. BANNERSHOP professional team follows the “Spirit of Craftsmanship”. Our installer is going over every inch of car's surface as well as under the trims, cracks to make sure they're perfectly installed and bubble-free.
BANNERSHOP provides a one-stop professional car wrapping service, starts from design, measurement, printing and installation.
Our professional team follows the “Spirit of Craftsmanship" which is providing on quality car wrapping service.
Terms & Conditions:
1. The installation fee will be incurred when the requested time of service from 11:00pm to 9:00am of installation service
2. A surcharge will be incurred when the installation venue is located at remote areas, including Airport, Outlying Islands, Lantau Island and the remote areas of the New Territories.
3. All productions and installations for bumper need separate quotations