Print your custom designed posters at Bannershop! Premium quality poster prints in Hong Kong. Bannershop offers a variety of posters & printing services, including Laminated PP Poster, Ultra YUPO Poster, and Canvas etc. Poster just like a spokesperson to represent your product, an eye-catching poster can attract customer come inside.

Whether for marketing, events, or decoration, our diverse range of posters ensures your message stands out. Explore a variety of durable materials and vibrant designs tailored to meet your advertising needs. Discover our premium poster printing solutions at Bannershop to showcase your brand with impact today.

Posters hold a significant role in the business world due to their straightforward and impactful approach. They are one of the most effective marketing tools that provides high visibility in various locations, reaching a broad audience. By placing posters in areas of high pedestrian flow like shopping centres, they can attract attention, convey messages clearly, and leave lasting impressions efficiently.

Additionally, posters offer a cost-effective solution for advertising, making them accessible for businesses of all sizes. They can be utilized to reinforce brand identity through consistent use of design elements like logos, colors, and fonts. This consistency helps in enhancing brand recognition and loyalty among consumers.

Posters also allow for targeted marketing efforts. By placing them in specific areas where the target audience is most likely to see them, businesses can ensure their message is reaching the right people. The simplicity and clarity of a well-designed poster ensure that the message is understood quickly and effectively, making posters an indispensable tool in the arsenal of marketing strategies.

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  1. BGreen™ YUPO Poster
    BGreen™ YUPO Poster
    • Poster : Such as change of business hours / Notice / Hand Washing Techniques / Hygiene Sense
    • Stronger material & curl resistant on both sides
    • Water and UV Resistant
    • Matt surface, no lamination needed
  2. PP紙印刷,PP紙板
    Oily PP Poster
    • Apply for: Indoor advertising promotion
    • Cost effective
    • Sharp color
  3. Oily Photo Paper
    Oily Photo Paper
    • Apply for: Any indoor advertising promotion
    • Available print in A3 size or above
    • Tough with gloss surfaces
  4. Snap Banner Hanger - Plastic (One pair)
    Snap Banner Hanger - Plastic (One pair)
    • Apply for: Hanging of Poster, Fabric and Vinyl products
    • Plastic hanger & lightweight
    • Available in White and Black color
    • Easy to install, just clips and grips
  5. Poster Tube Holder
    Poster Tube Holder
    • Apply for: Storage for different size of posters
    • Diameter of tube: 10cm
    • Adjustable length
    • Equipped with adjustable carry strap & easy to carry
  6. Snap Banner Hanger Premium (One pair)
    Snap Banner Hanger Premium (One pair)
    • Apply for: Hanging of Poster, Fabric and Vinyl products
    • Sturdy aluminum hanger
    • Moderate-weighted, hanging banner firmly
    • Easy to install, just clips and grips
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