Delivery Service

Next Day Delivery

Place order before cut-off time and select delivery service to pick up your order in the next working day at your door! Save your time arranging delivery service with an even lower price!

Free Delivery

Any order with purchase amount of $1,500 or more in Bannershop can enjoy free shipping!.

Free Delivery Schedule
Applicable to Monday to Friday Purchase amount of $1,500 or more Product Size of 2.44 m or smaller
Not applicable to Chek Lap Kok、Discovery Bay、Sha Tau Kok、Tung Chung、Ma Wan or other remote areas Product size greater than 2.44 m

Delivery Charge
Kowloon From $93
New Territories From $108
Hong Kong Island From $127
Islands District From $375

* The above table is for reference only, cost varies based on location and product quantity, calculation by system shall prevail. The above delivery cost does not cover remote and special areas of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Island (Delivery time : 10:00-18:00)
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
Aberdeen B 102.00136.00218.00
Admiralty B 92.00128.00205.00
Ap Lei Chau B 113.00171.00228.00
Braemar Hill B 113.00171.00228.00
Causeway Bay B 92.00128.00205.00
Central B 92.00128.00205.00
Chai Wan B 92.00128.00205.00
Cyberport B 113.00171.00228.00
Happy Valley B 102.00136.00218.00
Hong Kong Shue Yan University (North Point) B 92.00128.00205.00
Jardine B 113.00171.00228.00
Kennedy Town B 113.00171.00228.00
Mid Levels Central B 113.00171.00228.00
North Point B 92.00128.00205.00
Pok Fu Lam B 113.00171.00228.00
Quarry Bay B 92.00128.00205.00
Sai Wan Ho B 102.00136.00218.00
Sai Ying Pun B 113.00171.00228.00
Shau Kei Wan B 102.00136.00218.00
Shek O B 113.00171.00228.00
Sheung Wan B 92.00128.00205.00
Siu Sai Wan B 102.00136.00218.00
Stanley B 113.00171.00228.00
Taikoo Shing B 92.00128.00205.00
The Aberdeen Marina Club B 113.00171.00228.00
The Peak B 113.00171.00228.00
University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam) B 113.00171.00228.00
Upper Levels Central B 113.00171.00228.00
Wan Chai B 92.00128.00205.00
Wong Chuk Hang B 102.00136.00218.00
Kowloon (Delivery time : 10:00-18:00)
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
Baptist University (Kowloon Tong) A 102.00136.00218.00
Cheung Sha Wan A 92.00128.00205.00
Choi Hung A 102.00136.00218.00
City University (Kowloon Tong) A 102.00136.00218.00
Diamond Hill A 102.00136.00218.00
Ho Man Tin A 102.00136.00218.00
Hung Hom A 92.00128.00205.00
Jordan A 92.00128.00205.00
Kowloon Bay A 92.00128.00205.00
Kowloon City A 92.00128.00205.00
Kowloon Tong A 102.00136.00218.00
Kwun Tong A 92.00128.00205.00
Lai Chi Kok A 92.00128.00205.00
Lam Tin A 102.00136.00218.00
Lok Fu A 102.00136.00218.00
Mei Foo A 102.00136.00218.00
Mong Kok A 92.00128.00205.00
Ngau Chi Wan A 102.00136.00218.00
Ngau Tau Kok A 92.00128.00205.00
Polytechnic University (Hung Hom) A 92.00128.00205.00
Prince Edward A 92.00128.00205.00
San Po Kong A 92.00128.00205.00
Sau Mau Ping A 102.00136.00218.00
Sham Shui Po A 92.00128.00205.00
Shek Kip Mei A 102.00136.00218.00
Shun Lee Est A 102.00136.00218.00
Tai Kok Tsui A 102.00136.00218.00
The Open University of Hong Kong (Ho Man Tin) A 102.00136.00218.00
To Kwa Wan A 92.00128.00205.00
Tsim Sha Tsui A 92.00128.00205.00
Tsz Wan Shan A 102.00136.00218.00
Wang Tau Hom A 102.00136.00218.00
Wong Tai Sin A 102.00136.00218.00
Yau Ma Tei A 92.00128.00205.00
Yau Tong A 92.00128.00205.00
New Territories (Delivery time : 10:00-18:00)
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
Lai King A 113.00218.00228.00
Chinese University (HKSP) C 92.00128.00205.00
City One C 102.00136.00218.00
Clear Water Bay C 113.00218.00228.00
Fanling C 92.00128.00205.00
Fo Tan C 92.00128.00205.00
Hang Hau C 92.00128.00205.00
HKSP C 92.00128.00205.00
Hong Kong Institute of Education (Tai Po) C 92.00128.00205.00
Kam Tin C 113.00218.00228.00
Kwai Chung A 92.00128.00205.00
Lam Tei C 113.00218.00228.00
Lau Fau Shan C 113.00218.00228.00
Lingnan University (Tuen Mun) C 92.00128.00205.00
LOHAS Park C 102.00136.00218.00
Lok Ma Chau C 113.00218.00228.00
Lung Kwu Tan C 113.00218.00228.00
Ma On Shan C 113.00218.00228.00
Sai Kung C 113.00218.00228.00
Sham Tseng C 113.00218.00228.00
Shatin C 92.00128.00205.00
Shek Kong C 113.00218.00228.00
Sheung Shui C 92.00128.00205.00
Siu Lek Yuen C 102.00136.00218.00
Tai Mei Tuk C 113.00218.00228.00
Tai Po C 92.00128.00205.00
Tai Tong C 113.00218.00228.00
Tai Wai C 102.00136.00218.00
Tai Wo C 92.00128.00205.00
Tin Shui Wai C 102.00136.00218.00
Tiu Keng Leng C 92.00128.00205.00
Tseung Kwan O C 92.00128.00205.00
Tsing Yi A 113.00218.00228.00
Tsuen Wan A 92.00128.00205.00
Tuen Mun C 92.00128.00205.00
University of Technology (Sai Kung) C 113.00218.00228.00
Wo Hop Shek C 113.00218.00228.00
Yuen Long C 92.00128.00205.00
Islands (Delivery time : 10:00-18:00)
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
  Zone Value Standard Oversize
Chek Lap Kok U 332.00366.00481.00
Discovery Bay U 562.00596.00826.00
Sha Tau Kok U 309.00343.00378.00
Tung Chung U 332.00366.00481.00
Ma Wan U 562.00596.00826.00
Hong Kong Island
(Delivery time : 10:00-18:00)
Zone Value Standard Oversize
Aberdeen B 102136218
Admiralty B 92128205
Ap Lei Chau B 113171228
Braemar Hill B 113171228
Causeway Bay B 92128205
Central B 92128205
Chai Wan B 92128205
Cyberport B 113171228
Happy Valley B 102136218
Hong Kong Shue Yan University (North Point) B 92128205
Jardine B 113171228
Kennedy Town B 113171228
Mid Levels Central B 113171228
North Point B 92128205
Pok Fu Lam B 113171228
Quarry Bay B 92128205
Sai Wan Ho B 102136218
Sai Ying Pun B 113171228
Shau Kei Wan B 102136218
Shek O B 113171228
Sheung Wan B 92128205
Siu Sai Wan B 102136218
Stanley B 113171228
Taikoo Shing B 92128205
The Aberdeen Marina Club B 113171228
The Peak B 113171228
University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam) B 113171228
Upper Levels Central B 113171228
Wan Chai B 92128205
Wong Chuk Hang B 102136218
(Delivery time : 10:00-18:00)
Zone Value Standard Oversize
Baptist University (Kowloon Tong) A 102136218
Cheung Sha Wan A 92128205
Choi Hung A 102136218
City University (Kowloon Tong) A 102136218
Diamond Hill A 102136218
Ho Man Tin A 102136218
Hung Hom A 92128205
Jordan A 92128205
Kowloon Bay A 92128205
Kowloon City A 92128205
Kowloon Tong A 102136218
Kwun Tong A 92128205
Lai Chi Kok A 92128205
Lam Tin A 102136218
Lok Fu A 102136218
Mei Foo A 102136218
Mong Kok A 92128205
Ngau Chi Wan A 102136218
Ngau Tau Kok A 92128205
Polytechnic University (Hung Hom) A 92128205
Prince Edward A 92128205
San Po Kong A 92128205
Sau Mau Ping A 102136218
Sham Shui Po A 92128205
Shek Kip Mei A 102136218
Shun Lee Est A 102136218
Tai Kok Tsui A 102136218
The Open University of Hong Kong (Ho Man Tin) A 102136218
To Kwa Wan A 92128205
Tsim Sha Tsui A 92128205
Tsz Wan Shan A 102136218
Wang Tau Hom A 102136218
Wong Tai Sin A 102136218
Yau Ma Tei A 92128205
Yau Tong A 92128205
New Territories
(Delivery time : 10:00-18:00)
Zone Value Standard Oversize
Lai King A 113218228
Chinese University (HKSP) C 92128205
City One C 102136218
Clear Water Bay C 113218228
Fanling C 92128205
Fo Tan C 92128205
Hang Hau C 92128205
HKSP C 92128205
Hong Kong Institute of Education (Tai Po) C 92128205
Kam Tin C 113218228
Kwai Chung A 92128205
Lam Tei C 113218228
Lau Fau Shan C 113218228
Lingnan University (Tuen Mun) C 92128205
LOHAS Park C 102136218
Lok Ma Chau C 113218228
Lung Kwu Tan C 113218228
Ma On Shan C 113218228
Sai Kung C 113218228
Sham Tseng C 113218228
Shatin C 92128205
Shek Kong C 113218228
Sheung Shui C 92128205
Siu Lek Yuen C 102136218
Tai Mei Tuk C 113218228
Tai Po C 92128205
Tai Tong C 113218228
Tai Wai C 102136218
Tai Wo C 92128205
Tin Shui Wai C 102136218
Tiu Keng Leng C 92128205
Tseung Kwan O C 92128205
Tsing Yi A 113218228
Tsuen Wan A 92128205
Tuen Mun C 92128205
University of Technology (Sai Kung) C 113218228
Wo Hop Shek C 113218228
Yuen Long C 92128205
(Delivery time : 10:00-18:00)
Zone Value Standard Oversize
Chek Lap Kok U 332366481
Discovery Bay U 562596826
Sha Tau Kok U 309343378
Tung Chung U 332366481
Ma Wan U 562596826
The delivery charges of Universities and Colleges are charged according to its located district
The University of Hong Kong Pok Fu Lam (Zone B) The Chinese University of Hong Kong Science Park (Zone C)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Sai Kung (Zone C) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hung Hom (Zone A)
City University of Hong Kong Kowloon Tong (Zone A) Hong Kong Baptist University Kowloon Tong (Zone A)
Hong Kong Shue Yan University North Point (Zone B) Lingnan University Tuen Mun (Zone C)
The Open University of Hong Kong Ho Man Tin (Zone A) The Hong Kong Institute of Education Tai Po (Zone C)
香港大學 薄扶林 (Zone B)
中文大學 科學園 (Zone C)
科技大學 西貢 (Zone C)
理工大學 紅磡 (Zone A)
城市理工大學 九龍塘 (Zone A)
浸會大學 九龍塘 (Zone A)
樹仁大學 北角 (Zone B)
嶺南大學 屯門 (Zone C)
公開大學 何文田 (Zone A)
香港教育學院 大埔 (Zone C)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Next Day Delivery applies to 1 day production time product only. The following conditions will lead to an additional working day placed to the order
    • Order made after the order cut-off time (add one more working day to the order)
    • The order has been completed before the order cut-off time but there is an issue with the artwork received. (For further details, please refer to the artwork specifications)
    • The order has been completed before the order cut-off time but there is an issue with the payment. (Payment needs to be verified the day that the order has been made)
    • This offer is subject to production capacity, there will be special arrangement if necessary
  2. Delivery services are charged based on Bannershop’s charging model, which takes into account the area to deliver, delivery time period, size of packaged product, quantity of product and transport arrangement (e.g. access through staircases, moving between lifts, etc.).
  3. Delivery services are available for areas in Hong Kong SAR only, quotation shall be requested for destinations including outlying islands and remote areas.
  4. Standard operating hours of delivery service are from Monday to Saturday (public holidays not included), from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Service availability may vary across different area zones.
  5. Customers may specify their preferred delivery time while placing order, extra cost will be charged for this service.
  6. Delivery service charge will be counted on order basis with limitation to one address only. No further combination or modification of order will be accepted after confirming the order.
  7. Any additional fees for parking, gates or registration will not be covered and are chargeable to the customers.
  8. If the spending reaches the specified amount (per order basis), customer can enjoy the Free Delivery service in designated areas. Please refer to our website for the latest information. Does not apply to the following situations.
    • The length of the finished product is equal to or exceeds 244cm (8 feets).
    • Delivery time period was specified by customer.
    • Urgent orders.
  9. In case no one answers the door at the confirmed delivery date and time, customers will need to contact our Company for another delivery arrangement and be charged accordingly.
  10. Any requirement in regards to change of order (ie. address, delivery time and date, or product quantity etc.) must inform Bannershop 1 working day in advance before dispatch of order and are subject to availability. For any amendment, customer will need to pay for amendment fee, yet if there is any price difference. Bannershop will charge an administrative fee no less than $50 per transaction for making any changes. Quotation shall be requested for extra delivery cost.
  11. In case the delivery arrangement is cancelled after confirmation, delivery cost will not be refunded.
  12. Customers are responsible for providing clear and accurate details of the address to deliver and conditions of environment at the time of order confirmation. Below are some special circumstances (including but not limited to) in which further quotation will be required.
    • When the requested time of delivery is NOT within our standard operating hours of delivery service
    • When parking/unloading is not allowed on the street of address to deliver, or the parking/unloading place is 50 meters away from the address to deliver, which requires extra handling of product(s)
    • When the address to deliver are located in remote areas which cannot be directly accessed by public transportations, for example, country parks, Pak Tam Chung, HSBC Main Building, International Commerce Centre, T•PARK, etc
    • When the order cannot be delivered to door by lifts, which requires access through staircases and extra handling of product(s)
    • Warehouse of container terminals: all additional fees for the gate or registration
    • Booth at the exhibition venue
  13. When the typhoon signal or rainstorm warning is in force, scheduled delivery of that day and the following day may be suspended or cancelled. Our Company will contact customers for re-scheduling of delivery service.
  14. In any case of dispute, the decision of Bannershop shall be final.