One Banner for Both Front and Back Stage!
Vinyl could be really useful! It can be widely used for outdoor advertising, shopping malls banner, large-scale events, councilor' banners and birthday banners. For parties or events, we usually use vinyl banner as backdrop, which can prevent light reflection and ensure a sharp picture that carries your precious memories! The design gives it multiple uses it is worth more than it costs! 
BannerSHOP offers high-quality banners, which stay strong and be last long despite the wind erosion and rain erosion.

  1. Vinyl Banners
    Vinyl Banners
    • Price
    • Durable
    • Apply for: Billboard, facades advertisement, birthday party, Election & school banner etc.
    • Wrinkle-free, tough
    • Durable
  2. Backlit Vinyl
    Backlit Vinyl
    • Price
    • Durable
    • Apply for: facades advertisement, signage, and backlit light box billboard
    • High transmittance, image can be shown clearly at daytime without light box
    • Image comes to life with backlit lightbox at night
  3. Vinyl Block Out
    Vinyl Block Out
    • Price
    • Durable
    • Apply for: Both indoor and outdoor promotion, such as exhibition, roadshow, outdoor signage and outdoor banner
    • Black inlay to allow different images on both sides and will not show through
    • Available for Single / Double sided printing for standard resolution
  4. Mesh Banner
    Mesh Banner
    • Price
    • Durable
    • Apply for: Places which are more exposed to the wind or near the sea, construction site fence
    • Surface with micro-holes & high transparent
    • Air/wind can pass through micro-holes, less likely to be damaged by wind
  5. Billboard & Signage
    Billboard & Signage
    • Apply for: Large outdoor Billboard or Signage
    • One kind of out-of-home advertising
    • Large format digital printing for Billboard
  6. Plastic Tube for Vinyl
    Plastic Tube for Vinyl
    • Apply for:  Fabric and Vinyl products
    • Hanging banner more straight
    • Maximum length: 240cm