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We believe that a captivating vinyl banner goes a long way. Grab their attention before enticing them with your product. Our outdoor vinyl banners have been an effective mode of advertising for shops, online companies and special events. We offer our vinyl banner printing service for a variety of occasions, whether it be for a part of your promotional gear for life, or simply to advertise for a temporary sale or event. We provide designs and sizes for all demands. Our banners are made from high quality materials meaning no fading or damage. Whatever the occasion, we want to give you the most eye-catching design for your business by printing a quality vinyl banner. 

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  1. Fixed Size Vinyl Banner ($3sqft up)
    Fixed Size Vinyl Banner ($3sqft up)
    • Apply for: Billboard, facades advertisement, birthday party, Election & school banner etc.
    • Lightweight & 440gsm
    • Ecomony
  2. Vinyl Banners
    Vinyl Banners
    • Apply for: Billboard, advertisement, party, election & school banner, etc.
    • Wrinkle-free, tough
    • Cost-effective
  3. Hello Future
    Graduation Vinyl
    • Suitable for: Graduation ceremony, Graduation party
    • More fruitful and fun for event and party
    • High respiuation(30MP), Top/Bottom weld pocket & Left/Right cutfit - Pocket size (2inch)
  4. Mesh Banner
    Mesh Banner
    • Apply for: Places which are more exposed to the wind or near the sea, construction site fence
    • Surface with micro-holes & high transparent
    • Air/wind can pass through micro-holes
  5. 5米特大橫額
    5M Large Vinyl Banner
    • Apply for: Large Outdoor Advertisement, Billboard etc.
    • High resolution printing
    • Width Max to 5M
  6. BGreen™環保Banner
    BGreen™ Banner
    • Use non-laminated polyester to reduce plastic waste pollution.
    • PVC free
    • The affordable Eco banner.
  7. 帆布橫額, 帆布橫額size
    Vinyl Block Out (Double sided is available)
    • Apply for: exhibition, roadshow, outdoor signage and outdoor banner
    • Black inlay to allow different images on both sides and will not show through
    • Single / Double sided printing
  8. 燈布
    Backlit Vinyl
    • Apply for: facades advertisement, signage, and backlit light box billboard
    • High transmittance, image can be shown clearly at daytime without light box
    • Image comes to life with backlit lightbox at night
  9. Samba 3m Display Fabric
    Fabric Samba 3m Display
    • UV Printing, Strong Stereoscopic Sense
    • Water Resistant, Suitable for outdoor
    • Max. Width: 3130x6000mm
  10.  Samba SEG Backlit Film
    Fabric Samba SEG Backlit
    • UV Printing, Strong Stereoscopic Sense
    • Water Resistant, Suitable for outdoor
    • Maximum Printable Size in mm: 3130x6000mm
  11. 3MPII - Backlit Vinyl
    3MPII - Backlit Vinyl
    • Apply for: Outdoor lightbox, exterior decoration, government organization etc.
    • Compliance with fire testing standard of government regulation
    • Water-resistant & high durability
  12. B1阻燃帆布
    Gigaflex B1 Banner
    • Suitable for: Hospitality, Construction industry, Stage, billboards
    • B1 Flame Retardant Standards
    • High resolution printing
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