Desk Dividers - Custom Size

#Let’s Fight Together The spread of the Coronavirus has affected all aspects of our life; and it is having the most challenging period. To cope with the new policies issued by Government, Bannershop also prepared the section of prevention products, like Foamboard prevention panels, Foamboard Tent Card with prevention notices, stickers, floor stickers & pull up banners, to support the major retail industry needs.

  1. 5mm Foamboard (No Print)
    5mm Foamboard (No Print)
    • Durable

    FOAMBOARD (no print) - Product Information:

    • Raw materials, no printing
    • Free cut-fit finishing
    • Light and easy to carry
  2. 亞加力膠板 辦公室隔板
    Custom Size Acrylic Desk Dividers (no print)
    • Durable

    • Custom size 
    • 3mm / 5mm Acrylic material
    • Free the stand feet
    • Smooth surface and easy to clean