Foamboards? Not as Simple as You Thought!
Full coverage promotion with infinite possibilities! Foamboard can be made of Backdrop, Frame Props, Man-shaped Standee, Standee, Hand-held Board, 3D decoration etc.
Foamboard is a good helper for promotion. You can choose die-cut finishing depends on your needs, to attract customers' attention and display promotional messages, which can help your customers to know more about the products and messages.
BannerSHOP's exclusive Ultra-rigid 5mm paper Foamboard is more durable than other Fomaboards in the market, water & UV Resistant, 1 year bubble-free warranty, light and hard.

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  1. PVC Board (No Print)
    PVC Board (No Print)
    • Raw materials, no printing
    • Free cut-fit finishing
    • Durable with tough material
    • Smooth and straight
  2. Foamboard Stand
    Foamboard Stand
    •  Commonly used in: Support the Foamboard display of Backdrop and Promotional materials
    •  Material: 5mm Foamboard
    •  Easy install and 4 sizes available
  3. Velcro hook & loop fasteners (1 Pair)
    Velcro hook & loop fasteners (1 Pair)
    • Commonly used in: Affixed to the desired panel to secure position
    • Light and easy to use
    • Reusable
  4. Metal Stand
    Metal Stand
    • Commonly used in: Support for all the Lifesize FoamBoard Cutout
    • Light and easy to install
    • Height: 1.2 m and 1.5 m
  5. Cardboard Stand
    Cardboard Stand
    • Commonly used in: Support Small Tent Card or Foamboard Display
    • Material: 2.4mm cardboard paper
    • Light and easy to carry
    • Easy to install and 4 sizes available
  6. Foamboard Hanger(1 Pair)
    Foamboard Hanger(1 Pair)
    • Commonly used in: Buckle on the back of the panel for assembling and connection
    • Light and easy to carry
    • Easy install and flexible to assemble
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