Accelerated Class for Birthday Party Decoration
We should make a real effort for holding the birthday party because birthday occurs once a year! It is not easy to prepare birthday party decoration, BannerSHOP show you some tips and tricks to yield twice the result with half the effort, make the birthday party more fruitful!

Take your Selfies with the Hottest Shooting Frame / Props

Foamboard widely used in different areas. Its weight is light and affordable. In addition to be backdrop, it can be shooting frame or props. It makes the party atmosphere lively!
  • Shooting frame / Props: Selfie is a norm in birthday party! Hottest Facebook and Instagram shooting frame are the popular props, upload your photo with it to get more likes on your social media platform!
  • Cartoon or Life-size cardboard: Yours actual size cardboard is extremely eye-catching in the birthday party; it can help you to bear the responsibility of greeting friends and photo-talking.
  • Backdrop: Foamboard can be made to different backdrop and 3D display; it is suitable for large-scare birthday party to make the atmosphere to an extraordinary level.
Vinyl Banner:

Marvelously Birthday Banner

How can the birthday party be less of a birthday banner? It can hang it up as the backdrop or group photo-taking cloths! One banner at the venue to satisfy multiple uses, recording the happiness memories of your children, friends, family or lovers. The banner is lightweight and tough, always with a rectangular-shaped, easy to storage and carry to the birthday party venue.
*** BannerSHOP provide variety of theme birthday party banners, high quality printed images make your banner’s character sharp and outstanding! ***
X Frame + PVC:

Eye-catching reusable “X Frame” with poster

The eye-catching poster is necessary to place entrance for your party. As long as put the poster on the “X frame”, it’s easy to make the display board for party. It is reusable just replace the poster of the frame as like as the new display board for next party.
*** BannerSHOP’s New “X Frame” with PVC is more easy to install and transport, which suit for PVC poster and free to adjust the angle.***

Colorful Super-Twill Upgrade the Stage

Table cloths and chair covers suitable for different types venue decoration, use your creativity to decorate the venue make more fun at your birthday party!
*** BannerSHOP offers Super-Twill is durable, strong and water resistant, it can custom-made image with the theme. ***
Label Stickers:

It's the thought that counts

The happiest of birthday party is to celebrate with your friends. The sticker not only used as a chest or arm sticker, but also custom-made your photo or group photo sticker as a gift for friends.
*** BannerSHOP’s label stickers are offered with no MOQ and no typesetting. Custom-made your design with shape and size. ***
*Photo is for reference only
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