CMYK is a scheme for combining four primary color inks that overlay each other to create the full color spectrum. There are the four basic colors are C (Cyan) cyan, M (Magenta), Y (Yellow) and K (Black).

  • Difference between Pure Black and Rich Black

    The difference between "Pure Black" and "Rich Black"

    Black can be created one of two ways which are “Pure Black”(C, M, Y 0%; K100%) & “Rich Black”(C100%; M100%; Y100%; K100%). In simple terms, "Pure Black" is a single black ink, and "Rich Black" is mixture of 4 inks.

    Therefore, "Rich Black" is darker than "Pure Black", It is very important to point out that "Rich Black" please don’t set the CMYK value to 100, the four inks will be superimposed and mixed, too much ink will make the printed matter too wet, and the printing machine may have overprinting errors, resulting in unclear text.

  • When to Use Each

    Pure Black vs. Rich Black: When to Use Each

    Pure Black:

    Overlapping maybe occurs when the printing, so that generally text and content that need to be read please change it to Pure Black(C,M,Y 0% ; K100%)

    Text to be read
    Reverse text
    Thin lines
    Small area printing

    Rich Black:

    Usually according to the hue of the design artwork, in the case of K100, choose a color between C, M, and Y and set 10-30%.


On the computer screen, the difference between Pure Black and Rich Black is not easy to found out. Therefore, think clearly before output to ensure that the printing effect is as good as what you think!