Boxful is a new brand that has been established in late 2014. While providing storage services, they created an online platform that can allow customers to optimize their entire storage process, generating a one-stop storage solution. Boxful understands the lack of storage space in Hong Kong. Therefore, they built an instant way for customers to check online to manage their warehouse storage status. Boxful also has a professional logistics team that will pick up goods from customers and will also deliver it back to them, which is a breakthrough to the traditional ways of how mini warehouses generate.
Choosing a Distinctive Color to Develop your Brand
It is important to be noticeable when building a new brand. Therefore, Boxful selectively chose a colour that can symbolize their brand. Co-Founder and CEO Norman Cheung mentioned that, "Choosing a distinctive colour for your brand can increase your brand’s character. It is also necessary to ensure the colour consistency and quality when printing your brand’s materials."
The Pursuit for Cost-Effectiveness
To increase brand awareness under a short period of time, Boxful began promoting their brand on taxi advertisements, as taxis operate 24 hours every day, everywhere around Hong Kong. Surprisingly, the feedback was very successful and it was an effective way to build brand recognition. Norman decided to use this form of transit advertising on Boxful delivery cars to generate attention in a cost-effective way. The only difficulty was to find a suitable printing company that can ensure the consistency of the print quality. Boxful‘s encounter with BannerSHOP resolved all the uncertainties that they had. Boxful decided to entrust their car wrap installations to BannerSHOP.
Professional Car Wrap Installation Service
Color Matching/Proofing and Mounting Personnel
Norman had once concerned about the printing quality of the car wrap due to the distinct colour of their brand. But he states, "The reason behind choosing Bannershop's service is due to their professional advice and feedback about car wrapping and mounting. They also have a great team that restlessly adjusted their print machine settings in order to achieve the best color match with our brand colour, ensuring consistency and security of Boxful's brand image.
From service enquiries, to artwork handling, onto production and car wrap mounting, Bannershop fully understands customers' needs.
Bannershop has a professional experienced team that can provide a one-stop service from car wrap production to installation. If you have any enquiries and would like more information, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Hotline2988 8080.