Tips to Get More from Your Exhibition
There are several different kinds of exhibition held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) every year. BannerSHOP would like to introducing the below useful promotional tools to let you know more about the exhibition!

Full Coverage Promotion with Infinite Possibilities

Foamboard often used for decorate exhibition venue so that we can find it everywhere. It is lightweight and good color printing quality. Foamboard can be found in different location at the venue. For example: the booth wall surface & table, signage, standee & promotion tent card, Hand-held board and so on.
  • Wall Surfaces, Table and Signs: An Eye-Catching Booths not only attract your target customers, but also enhance your brand image.
  • Standee & Promotion Tent Card:It is a useful tool for promotion, It can custom your own standee (such as Die Cut) to draw customer attention in order to deliver product message to audience quickly.
  • Hand-held Board:It is one of the best promotional tools to help your company stand out in the crowd. Promoters can take this tool and the same time walks around the exhibition hall, increase your brand exposure quickly.
Pull Up Banner:

Easy to use! Easy to storage! Easy to install!

Pull Up banner is one of the most popular portable products for branding and messaging. It is affordable, useful, portable and easy to install. So it always appears in the event and exhibition.
*** BannerSHOP’s Pull Up Banner is made of exclusive Japanese material - UltraYupo® paper. The Curl- resistant function makes the product quality more outstanding. ***
Promotional table:

Easy to Install and Dismantle

Promotional table is easy to install and dismantle. Its mobility is high so that it is suitable for any advertising promotion and exhibition. Promotional table is one of the best tools for displaying the items for promotional purposes.
*** BannerSHOP’s promotional table is made of tough material which is PVC board. There are four surfaces with good visual effects quality. It is reusable and more environmental-friendly. ***
Stage & Backdrop:

Professional Dynamic Stage

The large-scale exhibitions need eye catching backdrop or stage as a decoration. It is usually performed with audio equipment, performances, speeches, and product demonstrations at the venue. Moreover, inviting customers to participate in the event can enhance interaction with customers to make the event more fruitful.
*** BannerSHOP is experienced in all scales of event and exhibition, providing one-stop shop services from start to finish. ***
Supertwill (Table Covers):

Enhance the Professional Corporate Image

Understand your potential customers’ needs can help to develop the right solution. Using branded table covers, chair covers, sashes can greatly enhance your professional image and build up customer confidence.
*** BannerSHOP offers table cloth is durable and waterproof which is made of high-quality fabrics. ***
L Flag Banner:

Flag banner Create Great Momentum

L Flag banner create great momentum effect for company! It is perfect to draw attention of visitors if you install several of flag banner on your site. Their unique design also attracts visitors’ attention too.
Label sticker:

Attract Target Customer and Increase Brand-awareness

There are many participants in exhibition. In order to enhance the brand awareness walk together with your guest, label stickers as an identification can help you more effectively. Label sticker can be placed to the guest's body (arm, chest) to increase the brand exposure.
*** BannerSHOP’s label stickers are offered with no MOQ and no typesetting. Water and UV resistant, easy-to-remove with no staining residue. ***
The above product information is provided by BannerSHOP!