How crazy you are when you were super fans on some idols? Attend all their activities or shows? Pick them up at airport? Collect all the things or souvenir about them? Just in order to get their attention on you. Let’s share more below what you can do or what items must have when you are attending their activities.

Idol’s fans gathering is must be attended if you are super fans. Because it is a good chance to get closer with them and know more each other.
X Frame with PVC
Beautiful and Practical Display Stand
The entrance of venue should been well-decorated for fans gathering, such as placing an X frame in front of the entrance for information and decoration purpose as well as take a photo and share and check in social media.
*** BannerSHOP’s“X Frame” with PVC is easier to install and transport, suitable for PVC poster and free to adjust the angle. ***
Frame Props
Get Closer With Your Idol
Do you feel nervous and shy when taking photo with your idol together? Why not try to use the frame props? It is a good tool to get closer and take good photos with you all.
Vinyl Banner
Take photos Anytime in Anywhere
The banner is essential tool for taking group photos with idol. It can be used anytime and anywhere to record those wonderful moments and memories.
*** BannerSHOP offers only the quality banners, which stay strong and last long despite the wind and rain. ***
Magnificent Hand-held Board
An eye-catching hand-held board is a must-have item or tool to show your presence in a crowd event. The most popular is made with idols’ name or their icons with die-cut shape. Also, some fans will use it in a group game as a puzzle to spell the idol’s name or heart icon to express the love to their idols.
Pennant Satin
Concert Hot Item : Placard
Placard is a hot item in the concerts recently and printing with slogan. It is a chance for idols to have an interactive with their fans. It also can be a souvenir for fans after the concert.
*** BannerSHOP provides Pennant Satin is softly, the fabric printed image is sharp and colorful, not easy to tear off, suitable for printing different slogans. ***
Some idols will do some special souvenir to their fans when they have new products to witness their different stages of development. Or fans can DIY your own one.
Magnetic Sheet
Cutie Idol with Magnetic Sheet
Magnetic sheet is widely used in different ways like magnetic bookmarks. It is lightweight, convenient and practical. Why not use this cool magnet to print with your idols’ icon and paste it on the refrigerators, lockers or cars? It seems they are always being with you.
*** BannerSHOP can do a durable magnets sheet with an affordable price. ***
Cheer You Up! Mini-idol Standee
There must have a trace of your idol’s icon on your desk if you are die-hard fans of them. Place a mini size idol standee on your desk, it just like they are cheer up for you and always being with you.
Label Sticker
Stick It Anywhere
Have you try to prepare the label sticker as a gift wrap sticker in order to increase their impression of you? Also, you can DIY the sticker and printed with your idols’ icon and decorate your schedule planner or diary.
*** Kiss-Cut technology is available for BannerSHOP’s Label Sticker now. It increases the variety option of sticker and it can be selected for independent label cutting or composing cutting by page to present your design perfectly. ***
The above product information is provided by BannerSHOP!