Explore the Many Uses of Magnetic Sheets…!
Among all kinds of digital printing products, magnetic sheets look humbly small, seemingly negligible, but with short production lead time and affordable prices. Printed with different graphics or text, they can be used for home decoration, production of learning kits, corporate publicity and brand promotion. Magnetic sheets can be easily applied and seen everywhere!
Magnetic Car Signs*: Brand Campaign Arrive in Style!
Get your car a brand new look with magnetic signs in just a moment! Line up your fleet of company vehicles or temporary promotional vans, and at any time change or update the brand's latest promotion and key messages with your unique magnetic car signs. Magnetic sheets are not only affordable, but also durable, and can be flexibly designed according to your specific needs!
*Magnetic car signs recommended for the flat surface of car body.

Magnetic Bookmarks and Calendars: Truly Exclusive Corporate Gifts
Magnetic bookmarks and calendars generally give a decent and elegant impression. As one of the corporate gifts widely welcomed by enterprises, schools and government institutes, they are often distributed during festive galas, campaign events or year-end celebrations, easily come into contact with the community and enhance the brand’s public image - definitely the perfect choice as truly exclusive corporate gifts!

Magnetic Alphabets: Make Learning Fun!
Kindergartens, nursery schools, teaching centers, playgroups, etc., must all be very familiar with magnetic stickers and tablets as learning kits, such as magnetic alphabet A-Z and numerical figures 0-9. They are practical and popular tools for teaching the young aged vocabulary and numbers. Nevertheless, they are fun, colorful and appeal to kids!
#If the artwork includes die-cut finishing, it is suggested making the cut frame as simple as possible, with not too much dotted line.

White Boards: Stick with Magnetic Sheets
Many public institutions, hospitals, training centers, office and conference rooms have installed white boards, which can be used as notice boards with magnetic stickers as internal reminders, corporate daily updates, hall of fame, etc.
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