• U-shaped Barrier Enclosure (no print)

      U-shaped Barrier Enclosure (no print)

      Bannershop has launch the latest Barrier Enclosure - U-shaped Barrier Enclosure, which do not need printed and used for epidemic prevention purposes, such as schools, hotels, catering industries, offices etc.

      This tool can strengthen restaurant epidemic prevention measures, partitions or spacers can be added to block droplets to protect employees and diners during the epidemic.

    • Floor Stickers (Prevention of coronavirus disease)

      Floor Stickers (Prevention of coronavirus disease)

      Social distancing needs to be maintained under covid-19, which is including restaurants, shopping mall, hospital, supermarket, lobby, bank, and institutions need to take different measures for protection, such as marking of underground to separate safe distances when queuing. Floor stickers can be used as underground markings, floor slip resistance, safe and reliable.

      Floor stickers can be also used for partition, safe waiting area marking purpose, it is the most popular anti-epidemic products in recent months.

    • 3mm PVC Desk Divider(with print)

      3mm PVC Desk Divider(with print)

      Not everybody can work from home, so that the office must take epidemic prevention measures for safety purpose. 3mm PVC Desk Divider has a high-density structure, more tough and durable. It can be used as an anti-epidemic partition in any office and restaurant to protect employees and customers. 3mm PVC Desk Divider has the option of net material or printing. Stand feet included.

    • Transparent PET Pull Up Banner (no print)

      Transparent PET Pull Up Banner (no print)

      The Transparent PET Pull Up Banner is launch now, it is use as partition for epidemic prevention. This tool is commonly used in restaurants to blocking droplets. Transparent PET Pull Up Banner is easy to install, transparent and waterproof. It can retain the sense of space, suitable for restaurants used.

    • Pull Up Banner Budget

      Pull Up Banner Budget

      Suitable for sales promotion and temporary measures of virus prevention tools, Catering industry uses as partition to block liquid droplets, maintain a safe social distance, it can also be used as an indication of disinfection areas and key information.

    • Branded Face Masks

      Branded Face Masks

      Bannershop became the first company of printing industry in Hong Kong to launch a corporate branded face mask - 3-Ply Surgical Face Mask ASTM (Level 1 / Level 2). Branded face mask can not only be gifted to colleagues or partners, but also enhance the effectiveness of publicity. This word-of-mouth for mask make your brand more impress on the street.

      We provide one-stop services, including mask production, packaging design, logo embossing, all-in-one package, to reduce procurement procedures and improving efficiency.

    • Label Sticker

      Label Sticker

      The demand for disinfection products has greatly increased, such as product barcodes, logo sticker, and packaging sticker has raise accordingly. Label sticker can be cut into different shapes and sizes, waterproof, UV-resistant and scratch-resistant, no minimum order quantity, no need to typesetting by your-self.