There are so many outdoor activities such as sports events and outdoor music festivals every year.
Just need the following equipment only to hold a WOW large outdoor event.
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Stage and Backdrop

Major Sports and Events

There are many events are held on the stage with glittering spotlight such as opening ceremony, speech, performance and awards ceremony. The backdrop & stage design always represents your Brand’s image or the theme of event. The wooden backdrop with Foamboard is commonly used in all scale of events and some need more professional equipment for the large-scale outdoor activities like Music Festival.
BannerSHOP is experienced in all scales of the event, commercials activities, backdrop, exhibition and booth set up, providing one-stop services from design to production.

Outdoor Banners to Expand Your Brand Reach

Use the Vinyl banner to rebuild the ordinary venue, dress it up to make your advertise around the whole event.

Vinyl Banner - Hoarding

The overall decoration of large-scale activities allows you to be in a unique world, banners can be seen everywhere. Vinyl banner is suitable for all the scale of activities and space-saving. It is also a good opportunity for your partners and sponsors increase their exposure.

Vinyl Banner Block Out – Lamp Post Banner

Lamp post banner is useful tool for the event as it is at a reasonable cost and easy to install. It is hanging on the top of lamppost, so that it can be see everywhere by driver and the pedestrians and improve the effectiveness of the event.

Mesh Banner - Outdoor Music Festival

The mesh banner is good to use in outdoor music festival. Because its surface with micro-holes and high transmittance. It is especially suitable for the place which is exposed by the wind as it is not easily destroyed by wind.
BannerSHOP offers a series of vinyl banner, with wrinkle-resistant, tough, durable, suitable for all scales of event and advertisement.

Popular Selfie Frame Props

Let’s check-in and share the photos on social media with frame props. The activity or its message will be shared widely and more and more people will know this campaign once they posted.
Wing Flags

Wing Flags Fluttering in the Wind

We always see the wind flags anywhere like in the exhibitions, open days, booths, competition, and group activities etc... It can create great momentum effect! It is perfect to draw attention of visitors if you install several of flag banner on your site. Their unique design also attracts visitors’ attention too.
BannerSHOP provides a variety of Flags, which is including Bow banner, L Flag Banner and so on. All bases are engineered specifically to be free rotating and not rip in the wind, thus allowing the flag to move with the breeze.
Pennant Satin

Professional Cheering Props

Cheering Props

Many sport fans will use the fabric to be cheering props, printed with images or text to support their team, to create an intense atmosphere for this sport.

Competition Race Bib

The Race Bib is one of the essential materials for the sport competition like Marathon, to easy control the traffic. Also this race bib is a good mobile advertising area to increase your Brand exposure.

Finish Banner/ Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

Ribbon-cutting and Finish Banner are representing the beginning and the end of the event. It is meaningful for all the participant and organizer. These props can use the Pennant Satin as material as it is free-wrinkles and easy to be transported.
The above product information is provided by BannerSHOP!