• Functional Label Sticker

    1. Functional Label Sticker

    This Functional Kiss Cut Label Sticker is commonly used in shopping mall and organization to provide useful information to visitor and customer. For example: WiFi Sticker, Direction Signs or Hand Washing Signs, prevention of coronavirus disease sticker in hospital as reminder stickers.


    Floor Stickers, Frosted Stickers, Outdoor Removable Sticker, Label Sticker

  • Brand Sticker

    2. Brand Sticker - Expand Business Opportunities

    Restaurant and retail shop to create a brand identity with limited budget. Sticker is a good and affordable solution to help you marketing. Table Ads Space is currently popular advertisements for renting, it turn vacant spaces into Ads Space to increase sales opportunities. Shop’s display windows, take-out containers which are include containers, cup, and bag can all be stick with your logo to increase exposure and business opportunities.


    Outdoor Removable Sticker, UV White Ink Sticker, DIY Stickers, Label Sticker, computer-die-cut, Adhesive Front Stickers, Cling Film

  • Waterproof Sticker

    3. Waterproof Sticker

    Waterproof label is designated for some product which is require refrigerate product, such as frozen food, glass bottles. If you want to stand out from other products, you need to use to stick eye-catching waterproof stickers on the product, such as: Promotion keywords, spokesperson stickers, etc., in order to attract the attention of consumers, which will help increase sales and promote your brand and products.


    Outdoor Removable Sticker, Transparent Stickers, Hi-Tac Sticker

  • Promotional Event Stickers

    4. Promotional Event Stickers

    Label stickers are definitely the most versatile of all promotional event must-have items. They are often seen with the event’s thematic logo or brand icons printed on, and can be used as the guests’ name tags and mic tag and so on to create your brand awareness.


    Outdoor Removable Sticker, Label Sticker

  • Frosted Glass Sticker

    5. Frosted Glass Sticker

    In order to increase the sense of space for office, many companies will use glass as partitions. For safety purpose, paste anti-collision strips or frosted sticker on the glass is the best solutions to improve privacy.


    Frosted Stickers, computer-die-cut

  • Handicraft Fair Sticker Printing

    6. Handicraft Fair Sticker Printing

    The Handicraft Fair is so hot in this few years and you can launch your hand-made product to the market. There are many illustrators to promote their “personal” sticker packs to test potential market response and print in limited quantities in order to reduce the cost and explore a good business opportunities!


    Label Sticker, Outdoor Removable Sticker

  • Flag Day Sticker

    7. Flag Day Sticker

    Do you feel that the flag day sticker is too plain, its shape either circle or square?! In fact, with the Kiss Cut technology, composing cutting with different shape into a sheet. It could be more fun and worth people to collect it.


    Label Sticker, Outdoor Removable Sticker

  • The Best Teaser for Shop Notice

    8. The Best Teaser for Shop Notice

    Retail shops and Pop-Up-Store need to be renovated whether they move in or out. The function of Hoardings advertisements is not only dress up the shops’ outlook, it also promote your brand when renovate your store. It is the best teaser for promotion opportunity!


    Indoor PP Sticker, Outdoor Removable Sticker

  • Tailor-made Theme Decoration

    9. Tailor-made Theme Decoration

    Some shops have applied electronic displays on their shop, but the similar screen display look monotonous. Decorate the screen’s edge to match your promotion theme to delivery your promotion message. No matter what the shape, you can tailor it.


    Indoor PP Sticker, Outdoor Removable Sticker

  • Personalized Sticker

    10. Personalized Sticker

    If you hate formulaic pattern product, let’s make your own personalized sticker, it can represent your unique personality!

    • Travel luggage

    • Electronic product: mobile phone / computer

    • School community / Student union stickers

    • Wedding / Gift stickers

    • Home decoration

    • Name tag stickers

    • Trademark stickers: post letters

    • Magnetic Sheet