for the Wedding Decoration

Every bride is eager to have a unique wedding! Here are some ideas of wedding decoration and props that you can design by yourself. It saves money and makes you feel satisfy with your wedding!


The Best Helper - "Bridesmaids" on Your Wedding

In addition to travel photo, wedding photo is most popular to get likes in social media platform. To hold a successful wedding party, you must need a good helper – Foamboard, which is as important as your bridesmaids. You can see it everywhere in wedding party greeting your guests for you. Let's take a look and find it out!

  • 婚禮佈置場地,婚禮 backdrop,wedding 佈置

    Wedding Name Board:

    It is the focus point in wedding party and is the witness for the Bride & Groom into next stage of life.

  • 婚禮佈置場地,婚禮 backdrop,wedding 佈置

    Declaration of Love:

    It is one of essential tool for the groom to give a promise to the bride! There are a lot of funny and sweet sample on the Internet. You can use it to make more hilarious.

  • 婚禮佈置場地,婚禮 backdrop,wedding 佈置

    Welcome Board:

    It can be placed at reception on a wooden easel. You can also decorate base on your preferences to match the wedding theme.

  • Wedding Photo Standee:

    It is necessary to make an actual-size wedding standee to let your friends and relatives take a photo and share your happiness

  • Mini Wedding Photo Table No. Stand:

    Feeling the traditional table no. stand not special? Let’s make your own wedding table no. stand! This beautiful and practical decoration can let your guests feel full of your thoughts.

  • Photo Props / Frame:

    Bride & Groom will be busy and do not have times to greet with friends. Photo prop is a good entertainment tool for guests to take photo and record the happiness and love memories.

  • Wedding Seating Plan:

    It helps to lead the guests to find their seat, which reduces the workload for groomsmen and bridesmaids.

  • Wedding Games Props:

    Groomsmen take the games challenge with games props to enhance the video shooting effect! That’s the most exciting and funny section during the wedding.

  • Hand-held Board:

    Groomsmen take the hand-held Chinese wedding board to meet the bride. That’s momentum and cool.

  • Canvas on Wooden Frame:

    Frame Your Precious Moments

    Place your pre-wedding photo with canvas on wooden frame at home or the entrance of wedding party as a part of decoration and frame your precious moments.

    Stage & Backdrop:

    Start Romantic Prelude with Exquisite Wedding Backdrop

    All the guests will focus on the wedding stage to witness the wedding speech from Bride & Groom. So the backdrop design cannot be casual! Let your friends and relatives take a photo and record meaning memories here.

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  • Wedding Signature Cloth:

    Customize Your Happiness Wedding Signature Cloth

    Guests leave the most sincere blessing on your wedding signature cloth, which adds commemorative meaning for the wedding.

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    Best Tool to Help You Greeting Your Friends

    You may not be able to take photo with all the guests one by one. Wedding pull up banners can be a good helper.


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