• Indoor vs Outdoor / 350gsm vs 440gsm

    We will ask if they used the banners in indoor or outdoor before recommend the suitable banners and materials to our clients.

    > Indoor banners usually do not need to choose high-quality materials, because they are different from outdoors, do not need to be exposed to the sun for a long time, and do not need to rain on the day. The indoor banners are usually short-term promotion or birthday party. Therefore, Bannershop usually recommends that customers choose the thin and lightweight (350gsm) one.

    > If it is an outdoor billboards, outdoor advertisements, exterior wall advertisements, signage, election banners, etc. We will suggest and recommend the 440gsm banners that are thicker, which are relatively durable, waterproof and sunscreen.

  • Application of various advertising banners materials

    1. Vinyl Banners (White-back / Black-back)

    The most commonly used in Hong Kong must be vinyl banners, which weight respectively 350gsm and 440gsm. In addition to the vinyl white-back, Bannershop also specially introduces a black-back that can block the backlight. According to different occasions, high resolution (suitable for viewing distance of 0.5 meters) and super high resolution (close-up viewing) printing can be selected.

    > Vinyl banners are often used in Hong Kong for election banners, school banners, indoor or outdoor advertising banners, street advertising banners, birthday banners, short-term event banners, stage backdrop and so on.

  • 2. Block-out Banner

    The surface of block-out banner is same as vinyl banner, but it is slightly thicker than normal. There is a layer of black in the middle of the material, which making the layer impervious, so it can be printed on both sides without affecting the quality of the picture on the front and back, and at the same time it can effectively block the light source.

    > Block-out Banner are often used for promotional materials that need to display different messages in multiple directions, such as exhibitions, roadshows, shopping malls, outdoor signs and outdoor banners.

  • 3. Blacklit Banner

    With a wide range of vinyl banners used for advertising and product displays, one stand-out material is a backlit vinyl banner. These are just what you need for light up advertising and to stand out amongst the competition. Bannershop backlit vinyl is versatile material that allows for a glowing image when backed with a light source. When using a lightbox this allows your display to be luminescent in either indoor or outdoor use with plenty of depth.

    > Blacklit Banners are generally used for outdoor exterior wall advertisements, lightbox advertisements, signage, post-lighting advertisement boards, etc.

  • 4. 5m Large Vinyl Banner / 5m Outdoor Billboard

    In the environment of high-rise buildings in Hong Kong, many advertising banners are getting bigger and bigger, to make sure everyone can see their advertising. Therefore, Bannershop has specially launched 5m (width) large vinyl banners. All vinyl banners, blockout and blacklit banners are up to 5 meters in width and are used for outdoor advertising with large sizes.

    > 5m Large Vinyl Banners are often used in huge outdoor advertisements, external wall banners, signage, and large billboards and so on.

  • 5. Mesh Banners

    Mesh banners are a popular and versatile outdoor signage solution and viable advertising strategy. Eye-catching and durable, these are both excellent advertising options.The micro holes allow for wind to pass through ensuring durability and strength particularly in windy areas.

    > Mesh Banners are commonly used on construction sites and wrapped around fencing, places which are more exposed to the wind or near the sea.

  • 6. Gigaflex Vinyl

    Gigaflex Vinyl has B1 Flame Retardant Standards (non-flammable material), comply with international standard fire performance requirements and tests. It is designated construction building materials with smooth surface, good printing quality, high density textile and strong toughness.

    > Gigaflex Vinyl is commonly used on construction sites, hospitality, Construction industry, stage banners (music festivals), building exterior walls, large billboards, and construction site fences.

  • 7. 3MPII Banner

    HK government or some private organizations have a lot of requirements for Banner, which must meet or pass the fire test standards required by government departments and 3MPII Banner has tested under in compliance with fire testing standard of government regulation. It has excellent water resistance and durability up to 5 years.

    > 3MPII banner is often used in outdoor lightbox, signage, exterior decoration, especially for bank, MTR, exhibition venue, library, government organization etc.

  • 8. Flags Banners (Bowhead banner, teardrop banner, L flag)

    Flags banners are often used in sport events. Its material is a kind of fabric. It is relatively light and do not leave deep marks on the docking. However, its colors are not as bright as vinyl banner. It is lightweight and will sway under the blow of the wind, Making your business or event visible with an attention-grabbing advertising flag.

    > Flags Banners are often used in sports event, clubs, travel agencies and etc..