A new semester's greetings
BannerSHOP's ambassador would like to introduce our Campus Series as below, which are some simple and useful tools when promoting events and activities - especially for schools!

Water and UV Resistant, Tough and Durable - Simply Professional!

It's a NEW beginning! Give the school a refreshed look with banners up on the playground and in the assembly hall. Banners are also perfect for photos at prize-giving ceremonies, during occasions such as the Athletics Meet, Aquatic Meet, Orienteering, and all sorts of inter-school competitions and activities.
*** BannerSHOP offers only the quality banners, which stay strong and last long despite the wind and rain. ***
Roll-up Banner :

It’s That Easy! Easy to Use, Store and Install!

While preparing for the Open Day or Orientation Week, roll-up banners can be set up to highlight students’ school life, the use of special rooms, or simply show the directions. They are particularly outstanding when placed at the university concourse, for short-term commercial promotion or student society’s activities.
*** BannerSHOP’s roll-up banners are produced with unique UltraYupo® Material from Japan, which makes the banners curl-resistance on both sides, giving a better look and an upgraded quality.***
Wind Flags:

Handy, Mobile, Eye-Catching - Here Comes the Gala!

Distinctive team flags are essential parts of group activities such as the Inter-House Tournament and Joint-School Sports Day. For public events like the Info Day, Open Day and Parents' Day, let an array of bow banners and L flag banners flutter in the wind over the booths to create a truly vibrant atmosphere!

Decorate the Campus with Your Own Creativity

Anniversary - it's celebration time! Save costs and troubles of renovation works at school with DIY stickers. While outdoor stickers, frosted stickers and floor stickers are great space-saver and flexible-to-use, smaller stickers can be turned into souvenir gifts, magnetic bookmarks or even supplementary teaching kits.
Stage & Backdrop:

One-Stop Solution to Create the Venue's Focus!

The Joint-school Ball, Graduation Congregation, alumni reunion, singing and music performances, contest, talks and etc., are some highlights of the year. A decent and formal stage with backdrop would enable many spectacular events and precious moments to happen, be captured and be concluded smoothly.
*** BannerSHOP can provide stage and backdrops of different sizes catered to varied needs, together with stage leasing, installation and dismantle service. ***

Be Both Informative and Attention-Grabbing

Schools' latest updates and important notices can be shown and illustrated on posters. They can be displayed anywhere necessary to act as the school's representative, sharing news and information with the community on campus.
The above product information is provided by BannerSHOP.