It is big wisdom for retail decoration & well-used the space that have. They might use a creative and trendy in decoration to attract the consumer’s attention with unique styles. If you have many ideas and don’t know how to execute, please feel free to contact BannerSHOP to bring a unique shopping experience to your consumers.

Acrylic / PP Plate Sheet

  • Acrylic: Signboard / Spacer

    Acrylic sheet is a transparent material, with precise cutting technology. It is often use as shop signs. In response to the epidemic situation, it can also be used as a spacer to prevent the spread of viruses by droplets.
  • PP Plate Sheet: Product Standee

    Product Standee is the best tool for demonstrate goods. It is light weight and durable, it structure can be designed flexibilities, no need mold- making. The printing quality is good with vivid colors, suitable for advertising decoration, supermarket promotion display, etc.

Signs Letters

  • Light Box

    Light box is very popular for retail shop. It can be customized according the shop space, with high light transmittance and uniformity. The images and information are clearly visible. The advertisement is eye-catching with lighting.
  • Printed Carpet

    You’ll eventually come to terms with success or failure depending on how well you attend to the detail. Printed Carpet is unconventional trends to deepen consumers' brand impression when entering the store.
  • Mirror Sticker / Window Film (UV Block)

    Window Film can be cut into different sizes and styles and applied to windows and glass surfaces. They can also be used for decoration too. It can effectively block UV and sun’s heat in order to save energy and maintain privacy.
  • Roller Blind (Manual / Electric)

    ​There are two control methods of Roller blinds which is manual and electric, you can select the most suitable roller blinds to suit your purpose for the decoration and interior design. The tips for choosing the roller blinds is consider the light transmittance, there are Non-blackout, Sheer and Blackout style.
  • Wood Board / Wood / Flame Retardant Board

    Many shops will consider use Wood board and Wood as interior walls, display stand and product standee are very versatile. Also, the Flame Retardant Board can fit the existing standard of fire protection standard, so that it is safer than other material.
  • Wallpaper

    The shop interior walls can be decorated with printed wallpaper, and the design style and color tone can be perfectly matched by your ideas. The wallpaper can be selected with different texture with more patterns and colors to enhance vibrancy.
  • Artwork Design & VR360° Panoramic

    BannerSHOP is your designer

    What if the school does not have a designer? Want to have a 360 ° Panoramic Virtual Tour (VR) for your school? Why not just contact BannerSHOP for help... Our basic design service is only $149, what else do you think about?
  • Installation Service Design, Print, Installation – One-stop Service

    The installation team of BannerSHOP is experienced in all scales of event, commercials props production, backdrop, exhibition and booth set up, providing one-stop shop services from start to finish.