Bannershop, as a local printing company in Hong Kong, has been assisting and supporting Hong Kong's local educational and institutions to provide printing and installation services for different kind of promotional materials, such as school open days, Info Day, graduation ceremony and sports day and so on. All educational parties are welcome to register as users of our website – and request to have the support discount code of 15% OFF. Enter the “Discount Code” at checkout and enjoy 15% OFF of your shopping cart*. We are pleased to invite educational organizations who have not yet registered.

Preparation for preventing Covid-19 spreading

  • Transparent U-shaped Sneeze Guard Dividers (No Printing)Let’s us prevent COVID-19 together !

    There are a lot of students in schools. Everyone should do basic measures to prevent COVID-19 spreading. Transparent dividers can help prevent droplets spreading effectively. So, it is good for students to focus on face to face lessons and teachers. Students can learn knowledge as well as staying health.
  • 3mm PVC Desk Divider(With Printing)

    Expect for choosing transparent dividers, printing PVC Desk Dividers can be considered. If printing dividers are placed onto tables of canteen that can let space be more beautiful. At the same time, students can study different knowledge from printing desk divider anytime
  • Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & StandDisinfect easily and faster !

    When arriving home and eating, we need to disinfect hands. Disinfecting is part of our everyday life. Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser and stand is placed at the door of school or canteen, students can disinfect hands faster. Students don’t need to spend more time on finding pocketable dispensers, sanitizer dispenser and stands can save more time.

Preparation of events

Decorating tools of School

  • 設計和VR攝影服務

    Artwork Design & VR360° Panoramic

    Bannershop is your designer

    What if the school does not have a designer? Want to have a 360 ° Panoramic Virtual Tour (VR) for your school? Why not just contact Bannershop for help... Our basic design service is only $149, what else do you think about?
    *The Coupon Code of 20% OFF Discount does NOT apply to this product.
  • 安裝裱貼服務

    Installation Service

    Design, Print, Installation – One-stop Service

    The installation team of Bannershop is experienced in all scales of event, commercials props production, backdrop, exhibition and booth set up, providing one-stop shop services from start to finish.
    *The Coupon Code of 20% OFF Discount does NOT apply to this product.
Terms & Conditions:
  • This offer is applicable to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools,higher education institutions, and subject to final confirmation by Bannershop. 
  • This offer cannot be exchanged for cash or discount.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
  • This offer cannot be used with other discount; the lower discount will be applied.
  • This Offer is not applicable to any finishing items, design, and transportation and installation fee.
  • This offer is non-transferable. Bannershop reserves the right to cancel the offer if there is any violation.
  • In case of any dispute, Bannershop reserves the right to make the final decision.