Must-have Item – A Stand Board on Storefront!
The first impression of restaurant is very important, customer enter the restaurant or not depends on the first few seconds’ feel and look. So, restaurants always place a menu board on their storefront. In addition to convenient for the customers to see the menu, it also can show the latest products photos to draw consumer attention and come in to patronize.
*** BannerSHOP’s A Stand is suitable for store promotion by using Ultra Yupo, which is eye-catching. It is foldable and lightweight, flexible to place in various places. ***
Pull Up Banner
Magic Tool to Increase Traffic
Pull up banner is very popular in business promotion. We can see them in everywhere, especially on some streets with high traffic. It is just like a magic tool for your restaurant to increase traffic even you are upstairs shop or location is not well.
*** BannerSHOP’s Pull Up Banner is made of exclusive Japanese material - UltraYupo® paper. The Curl- resistant function makes the product quality more outstanding. ***

Laminated Poster
Update Your Promotion Anytime Anywhere
The restaurant area is limited in Hong Kong. Some owners will make good use on the wall to display some photos or menu as one of the decoration by using the poster or poster frame. Also, you can change and replace the poster anytime that you want.
Shaping Your Professional Image
Menu or Reserved Stand is common use in restaurant and their damage or consumption is quite high if they made by paper. So, some of them will choose a PVC board with thickness to reduce the damage and also can enhance professional image for restaurant.
*** BannerSHOP has a variety of thickness (1mm / 3mm / 5mm) PVC board for selection. Its surface is smooth and print with high resolution. ***
Mini Standee
Exquisite Promotion Mini Standee
Mini standee is one of the good promotional tools on the desk. Apart from displaying promotion messages clearly, it can tailor made of different shapes to increase customer interests on the promotion products.
Sticker Empowers the Business Opportunity
Sticker is widely used on promotion. It is a good tool to build your brand image.
Sticker Empowers the Business Opportunity
Sticker is widely used on promotion. It is a good tool to build your brand image.
DIY sticker:
Ideal to decorate the Glass or Window display, suitable for short term promotion.
*** BannerSHOP’s DIY sticker stick on/off made easy, it traceless on surface perfect for reuse, it also with Water and UV resistance, available in different shape with colorful printing. ***

Table Sticker:
: Paste the latest promotion table sticker to increase consumer purchase intentions.
Adhesive front sticker:
It will be pasted on the entrance glass or window, such as WiFi, certification, trademarks, logos, payment method will be affixed to the glass.
Floor sticker:
Often used as directional purpose marks to identify different areas. It can use for innovative promotion. It is perfect for reinforcing existing promotion campaign and great space savers.
*** BannerSHOP’s floor sticker has high level of non-slip function, safe and reliable, water & UV resistant. Proven that our floor sticker is well-performed and the professional assessment report with R10 rating by CSIRO. ***

The above product information is provided by BannerSHOP!