• Dumpbin Display

    Dumpbin Display

    Dumpbin Display also known as tray display, it is common in various large-scale promotional activities, supermarkets, stores and hypermarket. They are second to none in attracting traffic and stimulating purchase power of consumer, which is a salesperson of supermarkets! The organization of Dumpbin Display is Floor-standing with 4-layer interval design, which can place large-sized goods, display the goods neatly, and highlight the promotion theme.

  • Top Shelf

    Top Shelf

    Top shelf is small but complete in every detail. It likes a gem box for display small and medium-sized products. It is a space saver and it can be stacked on different shelf positions. Top shelf is commonly shown at the cash register, this unique location has a significant promotional effect and it is eye-catching for upselling. Some reports has pointed out that this point of sale can increase the customer's purchase rate, and it is also a golden position for many vendors to bid fiercely.

  • Desk Standee

    Desk Standee

    Standee gives the role of display in sales and it is a machine for introduces product features and selling points to build brand image.Although the size is light, the structure is stable, and it can also be moved to different positions flexibly. It is the best tool for creating a promotional atmosphere when applied to countertops, desktop and promotional table.

  • Personalized Corporate Gifts

    Personalized Corporate Gifts

    The idea of ordering creative gifts can make your VIP customers more impressed. Various creative solutions can be tailor-made. The order size can be as small as 30X30cm and no minimum order quantity requirments.