You must be familiar with Roadshow, it is a fast promotion solution for increase the fans quantity.
If you want to highlight your brand in the streets, you can use the following tools to make your promotion more eye-catching!
Car Wrap
Make-up to Increase Exposure

Mobile advertising vehicle is one of the promotional tools to increase your Brand image and awareness. It is very popular in Roadshow activities by using and wrapping with special design and appearance, to draw consumer’s attention and increase the traffic.
*** BannerSHOP is experienced in all scales of the event, commercials activities, backdrop and booth set up, providing one-stop services from design to production. ***
roadshow 宣傳,街頭推廣
Fabric Pop Up Display
roadshow 宣傳,街頭推廣
Striking Decoration

Backdrop is a must-have-item for the event and/or display as a photo shooting area. Fabric Pop Up is easy to install and dismantle which you can handle by yourself.
Promotional Table
roadshow 宣傳,街頭推廣
Service Point

The size of promotional table is small, but it is a fully-equipped as a service point. There is a space inside for store materials purpose. The desk can be used for promotional activities such as sending gifts, member’s registration etc.
*** BannerSHOP’s promotional table is made of PVC board, tough and durable to display four-side message. It is easy to assembly, reuseful and environmentally friendly. ***
Budget Water Drop Flag
Attention-getting Flag

The shape of Budget Water Drop Flag is very eye-catching and special design, which easily to attract audience attention. Also, it is easy match with different promotion products to highlight your brand and promotion message!
Photo Props
Hottest Frame Props

Let’s selfie! In response to different promotions to customize different frame props, to make your company image younger and positive.
Pull Up Banner
Top Seller

The other role of Pull Up Banner or X Frame is salesman who is introducing the products and promotional messages to your target audience. It helps to share the workload of the promoters.
*** BannerSHOP’s Pull Up Banner is made of exclusive Japanese material - UltraYupo® paper. The Curl- resistant function makes the product quality more outstanding. ***
Hand-Held Board
All-round advertising

Hand-Held Board is the first choice for outdoor activity. Promoters hold this board on the street and create great momentum effect. It is perfect to draw attention if you hold several of Hand-held board and can reach more target audience even from far away.
Label Sticker / Event Sticker
Deepen the Impression

Label sticker is used for a wide range of purposes, such as advertising icons, promotional stickers, ceremonial masters, or guests' chest stickers. They can also be customized and stick as packaging by using PP Indoor Sticker to increase the brand exposure.
Mini Standee
Affordable Promotion tool

Standee is suitable for different occasions. Cheaper price with exquisite die-cutting design. There are three layers design, which can clearly display promotional messages for different type of promotions.
Lucky Draw Box
Effective Tools to Get More Fans

Lucky Draw Box is one of good tools to increase interactivity in the campaign to attract the fans’ attention. Free gifts can quickly to get more fans in the campaign.
Lucky Wheel (Customize)
Spin the lucky wheel

Lucky wheel is combine lottery and game usage, it is one of popular promotion tools.
The above product information is provided by BannerSHOP!