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Fabric Media Wall – Product information:

Fabric Media Wall, also known as a Fabric Pop Up Display or Fabric Tension Display, is a promotional display that utilizes fabric material for the graphics and visuals. Unlike PVC Pop Up Displays, which are made of rigid plastic, Fabric Pop Up Displays use a flexible and stretchable fabric material.

Fabric Pop Up Displays are created by printing high-resolution graphics onto a fabric material. The fabric is then stretched tightly over a frame or structure to create a smooth display. 

Fabric Pop Up Displays are also lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport and set up. They can carry up for storage and transportation, and the frames are often designed to be quickly assembled without requiring any tools.

  • ‧ Suitable for: Booth indoor and outdoor, such as exhibition, roadshow, shopping malls promotion, backdrop, birthday party or wedding backdrop etc.
  • ‧ Large-scale digital printing with a wide range promotional content
  • ‧ UV Printing, Strong Stereoscopic Sense and Colorful
  • ‧ Water Resistant, can used in Outdoor
  • ‧ Easy-to-assemble without any tools
  • ‧ Lightweight and easy to carry
  • ‧ Available in 2 sizes: 3x3 / 3x4 (with single / double-sided printing)
  • ‧ Package included: Carry bag + Frame + Print
  • ‧ Upgrade options:
       > Spotlight(1 pair) with tension fabric panels ensures a smooth image is displayed
       > Select from single or double sided display to attract attention from both directions

Artwork Spec

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Product Size Download
Fabric Pop Up Display 3X3 Single Side
Fabric Pop Up Display 3X3 Single Side With Sides
Fabric Pop Up Display 3X4 Single Side
Fabric Pop Up Display 3X4 Single Side With Sides

1. What does 3X3 and 3X4 standing for?
The above sizes are the most suitable for exhibition space.
3X3 means the standard sizes for exhibition space which is suitable for 3X3 (9 square meters).

2. How long does it install the showcase?
The installation method of fabric pop up display is very simple and quick, it takes only 5 to 10 minutes. For more information, please refer to the installation tutorial.

3. Is the pop up stand suitable for outdoor use?
The fabric is easy be moist because of its lightweight. It should be avoided in the rain or when the wind place to use.

4. Does the fabric reprint or modify?
Certainly. Customers who order a full set of fabric pop up display (including frame + canvas) can enjoy below services:
reprint text, graphic or replace the whole canvas for single or both sides with additional payment.


Installation Video:

Un-Installation Video: