Sticker Installation

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The most direct way to increase business is to let more people know about the company and understand the advantages of their products or services through proper publicity and framing. To set up advertisements in shopping malls and roadside places with a lot of people, it is natural to make good use of every position that can be used for publicity, such as the pillars of the shopping mall, the glass on both sides of the escalator and the shop windows, etc., which can be framed with stickers to achieve a good publicity effect.

Stickers can be used to mounting advertisements on most surfaces to maximize the visibility of products and companies. Bannershop offers high-quality sticker framing services, from printing to framing. No matter what material you want to frame, Bannershop has the right product for you.

Constant Mounting Advertisement Shanghai Tang Mounting Advertisement
Ding Lee Mounting advertisement

If you want to make a memorable impression on your promotional frames, you need to have a distinctive design. Bannershop provides printing technologies such as computer characters and die cuts, and cooperates with different stickers such as multi-purpose stickers, transparent stickers, matte stickers, mesh stickers, etc., to tailor your stickers to mounting advertisement.

Pillar Sticker Installation

Pillar Sticker Mounting
Pillar Sticker Mounting

Wall Sticker Installation

Glass Sticker Mounting
Glass facade mounting

Action speaks louder than words, find Bannershop to provide high-quality sticker framing and advertising decoration hoarding production services.

Other Installation types

Professional Car Wrapping Service

If you want to enhance your company's image and enhance the effectiveness of publicity, you can find Bannershop's professional Car Wrapping service, which can increase the exposure rate and establish a distinctive image for the brand, and also make the framed become a mobile promotional material for the brand throughout Hong Kong.

Our mounting services cover a wide range of vehicles, including private cars, minivans, 50-seater coaches, etc. Many customers have chosen Bannershop's framing service to accurately target the target customer group and maximize the benefits of publicity by fixing the daily driving route.

Professional Car Wrapping

Advertising Hoarding Installation

Many shops will take the lead in using advertising hoarding to frame and announce the opening of the decoration when decorating, the hoarding area is large and located in a conspicuous position, which is the best choice for the store to place advertising framing. In addition, the framing of advertising hoarding can also make the exterior wall fashionable and beautiful, and can be replaced at any time without leaving a trace, suitable for seasonal restrictions, pop-up offers and other decorations.

The interior decoration of the hoarding sticker skirt can not only be simple and quick to create an artistic atmosphere, exquisite personalized patterns can enhance the sense of interior space and style, and faster than the general decoration, in the blink of an eye, it can be transformed, super time-saving and convenient!

Advertising Hoarding Installation

Banner Installation

Banner Installation has always been a popular advertising method for major enterprises, whether it is passing by on a car or passing by on weekdays, this kind of super-large framing project can allow passers-by to grasp the key points at first glance and leave a deep impression.

Outdoor advertising has a very high exposure rate, and the exterior walls of buildings, building curtain walls, site projects, and even tunnel advertisements can also be framed by banners to seize exclusive advertising positions and lock in a large number of customers!

Banner Installation

Stage Backdrop Installation

If you are planning an event and need a large backdrop/hoarding for the stage background, Bannershop will plan the backdrop framing scheme for you according to the actual size of the venue, so that the audience can experience the best visual effects.

Stage Backdrop Installation

Exhibition Booth Package

Every year, there are world-renowned conferences and exhibitions held in Hong Kong, and Bannershop has a wealth of experience in exhibition design, printing and framing, so you can frame your exhibition booth with stickers to make your exhibition booth stand out from the crowd.

We have a self-employed exhibition booth installation team to ensure the quality of service, from ordering, printing, design to framing, the whole process is responsible for the whole process by Bannershop staff, efficient communication and to ensure that the exhibition content will not be leaked.

Exhibition Booth Package

Sticker charges are as follows:

Bannershop's own brand MasterCast™ Multi-Purpose Sticker (2 years outdoor) is suitable for: large hoarding mounting, shopping mall column mounting, elevator mounting or body modification mounting, retail store surface mounting, including glass mounting and desktop mounting.

Sticker size Price
50cm x 100cm $86
50cm x 50cm $43
46cm x 70cm $56
70cm x 138cm $167
40cm x 138cm $95
70cm x 70cm $85
97cm x 180cm $301

Terms & Conditions:

*The price of sticker mounting will vary according to the complexity of the mounting project, please contact sales for the most accurate price for the mounting service.

*In case of any disputes, the decision of Bannershop shall be final.