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PVC Board- Product information:

PVC Board is strong, durable, and has a smooth surface that is not easily bent.

PVC Board is a sheet made mainly from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC Board has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, making it widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising signs, display windows, industrial packaging, and other fields.

PVC Board is also lightweight, easy to process, cut, and install, and can be cut, shaped, hot-bent, joined, and processed according to different needs. In addition, PVC Board is a plastic sheet material that is more sturdy and durable, suitable for long-term outdoor placement, and has a smooth surface that stands strong and is not easily bent.

Bannershop PVC Board comes in various sizes, and the colour quality of the print is bright and vivid, making it a popular choice for promotional materials.


  • High-resolution (720dpi) printing produces bright and vivid colours.
  • Available in multiple thicknesses: 1mm/3mm/5mm.
  • Maximum Printable Size in mm: 1200x2410mm
  • Single-sided or double-sided printing is available.
  • * Not recommended for continuous exposure to direct sunlight, heat radiation, or temperatures above 45℃.


Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at (852) 2988 8080.

  1. What if the order size is exceeded the maximum material size?
    You may select "Custom Joint" in the "Joint" option, we will contact you to dicuss the joint option and the artwork handling.
  2. How can I order more than 1 foamboard stand/paper stand?
    You can order extra accessories on the link below:

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at (852) 2988 8080.