Product Quality Assurance

  • Made in Hong Kong. Produced with Confidence

  • In-house Manufacturing. Quality Management

  • Seamless Logistics. Speedy Delivery

  • Years of Printing Experience. Rest Assured

  • In-house Design Team. Offering the Best Proposal

  • If there is any concern on the product deficiencies or damages, we would do everything to follow up

*Terms & Conditions

  1. Customers shall inspect the product immediately upon delivery. Please keep the original product and receipt for any return/refund/maintenance services. Customers shall within 7 days from date of delivery (date of delivery inclusive) give notice to our Company of any matters related to the product. Late notice will not be accepted.
  2. Colour deviation is possible to occur on any products of digital printing. Bannershop reserves the right to reject requests of return due to colour deviation. As with different factors in the printing process, e.g. the hardware (of printing machines), materials, time, weather, humidity and etc., which may affect the quality and colour of digital printing to different extents, it is normal for 10% of colour deviation to occur on the products. Customers shall not judge the colour by previews on-screen, printed manuscript at different times, samples/colour proofs from other companies. Colour standard of all printed materials shall refer to our Company’s standard of colour management.
  3. Bannershop have the right to request our customers send us photos or return the suspected defective product(s) for our inspection and verification. All returned products must be in good conditions, or they will not be accepted.
  4. Bannershop will inspect and verify each request of reprint/refund, while reserves the right of final decision for any cases of reprint or refund (partial/full).
  5. All reprints will be processed according to the details specified on the original purchase order, e.g. the artwork, materials, good size, delivery methods and etc.
  6. In case of partial or full refund, the amount will be credited into the Customer’s original account for future purchase within 6 months only. Any balance of unused amount will be forfeited thereafter.
  7. Bannershop can provide hardware maintenance service for certain products (NOT including the digital print). Hardware maintenance service only applies to wear and tear under normal usage; other conditions (e.g. intentional damages, misuse, natural disasters, etc.) will NOT be applicable. Customers are required to present a valid invoice and return the products to Yau Tong Office for repair. Our Customer Service Representative will notify our Customers of the result and arrange pick-up of the products.
  8. RE-AFFIRMATION: Bannershop assumes no liability for any consequential, incidental lost profits, costs or damages arising directly or indirectly form the use of our products and services under whatsoever statements, terms and conditions.