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Vinyl banner(no print)- product description:  

Vinyl Banner(no print) can be used in a wide range of events and locations.Bannershop Vinyl banner has an optional 440gsm weight, which makes the banner thicker and more durable, and the fabric will hold up better.Bannershop Vinyl banner is able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, such as sunlight, rain, wind, and scratches, to ensure the banner maintains its condition for a long period of time, both indoors and outdoors. The banner can withstand different weather conditions such as sunlight, rain, wind and scratches. 

  • Vinyl banner is suitable for:outdoor coverings to protect from rain, long-distance truck coverings, boat docks, travel, restaurant coverings, garden coverings. 
  • Vinyl banner material weight is 440 gsm 
  • Vinyl banner is made of wrinkle and abrasion resistant material 
  • Free of charge four sides cutting, four sides wrapping and eyeleting.  
  • Economical,waterprrof and UV resistant material
  • Matte material: non-reflective, clear and text visible at all times 
  • Width limitation: 313x2000cm 
  • Please note: All banner products with total area less than A3 Size or 1.34 square feet cannot be hemmed

Hong Kong Vinyl Banner Prices 2024 

Want to know the latest banner prices in 2024? Bannershop's newest banner products are suitable for outdoor use such as election banners, school banners, or indoor and outdoor advertising banners. Our banners are available at affordable prices from as low as HK$4/ sq.ft, the minimum purchase order is HK$6, with additional discounts for bulk orders, so take advantage of this opportunity and place your order today! 

Contact Bannershop now to learn more about 2024 banner prices and PVC banner wholesale prices. 

Vinyl Banner Specifications and Size 

Now in the street commonly seen canvas banner size size is 3 feet x 8 feet, four sides of the edge of the bag, four sides of the average dozen eyelets to facilitate hanging, in fact, there is not a specified size, although Bannershop banner seal degree is 313x2000cm, but even if the seal degree is exceeded there is no problem, we can be done in the specified location of the connection, will not affect the design of the banner, so you can be based on the venue's needs to determine the size of the banner and printing. So you can decide the banner size and printing method according to your needs. 

In terms of material, outdoor banner is made of 440 gsm waterproof banner, which can withstand different weather conditions, such as sunlight, rain, wind and scratches, and the banner itself is made of wrinkle-resistant and abrasion-resistant material, which is economical and practical, waterproof and UV-resistant.Outdoor banner is commonly used in outdoor large-scale advertisement, and it will be used with mesh banner because the mesh can be permeable to the wind, half of which is holes, and the other half of which is paintings. In terms of printing, the printing precision of large outdoor advertisement is not so high, and if the precision is too high, the picture will be a little darker when viewed from a distance. If the banner is used to produce Backdrop or large-scale activities, it is recommended to use high-definition banner, or even black-core canvas, which is black in the middle and the layer is not permeable to the bottom. Moreover, the height of many Backdrops is usually 3-5 meters, even if it exceeds the printing seal, we can make connections on the banner, but it won't affect the design and won't be too obvious. 

Waterproof banner Introduction and Characteristics 

Waterproof canvas is a kind of canvas made by special processing technology, which has the function of waterproof, moisture-proof, damp-proof and cold-proof. These canvas are mainly made of fiber fabrics combined with chemical fillers through a series of production steps such as soaking, coating, scraping, drying and cooling. The material standard is based on a high-strength tensile polyester woven base fabric, combined with high-quality resin powder, plasticizers, stabilizers and appropriate amounts of calcium powder, as well as a small amount of other chemical raw materials, to ensure 100% waterproof effect. Waterproof banner is also often called thatch, and can be divided into two kinds of PVC canvas and waterproof nylon canvas, this material is widely used in a variety of applications that require waterproof and moisture-proof, such as outdoor coverings, tents, and other protective products.

1. What is the width of bleeding need to be reserved for Vinyl?
     No bleeding area need to reserve for Vinyl under normal circumstances.

2. Is there any charge for additional finishing?
     Additional finishing is free but weld rope and weld pocket will be charged. Please place your requirement at the remark field when filling the order form.

3. What is the different between glossary and matt surface?
     Glossary surface looks brighter and sharper. Matte surface can prevent light reflection and material is relatively thicker, suitable for backdrop or photo shoot.

4. Do you have installation or setup service?
     Please contact our customer services hotline at 2988 8080 for details.