Production – Santa Claus Village
You can make the Santa Claus Village by yourself instead of go to Santa Claus Village in Finland! This Santa Claus Village is building in the entrance, and the wall is mounted with FOAMBOARD Hoarding to make up a full of Christmas atmosphere. It is surprised to see Santa Claus silhouette on the window which is used frosted sticker for decoration! The lighting effect will be more fantasy and outstanding when put the lights in front of the voile background.
Design – Miniature Christmas Market
Although the miniature Christmas market is small, the design is extremely exquisite. It is good news for toys collector to display their treasures through Christmas Day! FOAMBOARD is the most suitable materials as figure dummy. The Nordic model houses are made of FOAMBOARD to match the theme.
Marketing – Gingerbread Man’s Candy House
There is a gingerbread man’s candy house from far away, and there are many different kind of candy sticker on top of the floor. It is like a real smell of sweet aroma from far to near, grabbing people’s attention. The candy house uses FOAMBOARD to make a lot of candy props, candy cane is ornament into a candy house to visual effect fruitful. (A secret version of Gingerbread Man is here!)
Corporate – Shining Banner Tree
It is said BannerSHOP has a Banner Tree which is full of novelty and special. Its use vinyl banner to make each layer of Christmas trees, the shape is tough and can keep the good enough softness of tree texture. It looks good when put on the shinning LED lights on the tree. The glass-wall conference room is suitable for pasted snowflake sticker which is made of UV white ink sticker, to show Christmas day atmosphere over there.
IT – Birthplace of Jesus
Jesus Christ was born so that we have Christmas. This design restores the scene to commemorate the meaning of the Jerusalem manger. There are full of Christmas trees growth on the snowfield, these 3D Christmas trees is assembled of FOAMBOARD.
Account –Warm Fireplace of Christmas
This Christmas will be warmed if you have this fireplace. Firstly, put the printed brick pattern Foamboard surrounded the computer screen as fireplace, and then change the animated fireplace wallpaper, finished! You can make a herd of reindeer standee and sing a Christmas song like Joy to the World to celebrate Christmas!
Boss – Nordic Christmas House
Nordic Christmas House is the most traditional Christmas feeling place in the world. Just use computer die cut to paste the snowflake and angel patterns during Christmas. The stickers color can be selected with Metallized, Series-holo graphic or fluorescent, with long-lasting colors, it is suitable to stick it on the window. In fact, the best Christmas decoration is stay at home with your family.
CS - Winter Christmas
Actually, handmade sky snowflake is so easy! Hanging the snowflake FOAMBOARD on the ceiling and it can easy to create the winter snow atmosphere right here.
We are pleased to share above Christmas decoration ideas to you, if you have any quires regarding design or installation service, please feel free to contact us through customer service hotline at 2988 8080 or email to [email protected]