Matrix Frame

New Way to Present the Exhibits and Experience the Infinite Imagination

Matrix Frame presents you with a new way to create a display for your own exhibition. There are many exhibitors from different countries has already applied it in their museum or exhibition hall. Because it can show the best visual effect and the uniqueness of exhibits to attract visitors’ attention and staying to know more. Here are four main ways to display:

  • Free Standing

    It is suitable for variety information explanation and display in the exhibition. It can be also applied in difference location, and easy to move and storage.

  • Suspended

    The most popular way of display in exhibition. It is easy to manage and good use of space as well as to create a good visual effect. It suited for the exhibition of art galleries or photography.

  • Partition Wall

    It is used to transit or separate the exhibition area and can adjust the angle of plate. It is perfectly suited for the coherent artwork.

  • Light Box

    Using the LED light box of Matrix Frame to highlight the exhibits in the dark environment in order to strengthen the visual effect. It can be customized according to different needs or to match the theme.

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  • Stage & Backdrop:

    No difficulty for the Embellishment of Opening Ceremony

    A special stage or backdrop which can attract visitor’s attention and take photos with them. Once they check in and share the photos via social media when visiting the exhibition hall, more and more people will know this exhibition and it can spread promote more widely.

  • Advertising hoarding:

    Teaser message – a new exhibition is coming soon

    Be good use of the outdoor hoarding when preparing the new exhibition, to wrap and decorate as a teaser message to attract people’s attention. In addition to embellish the hoarding, it is another ways to tell audience what the next exhibition is coming.

Vinyl Banner

Tough and Striking of Vinyl Banners

  • Outdoor Billboard

    A large outdoor billboard advertisement is more eye-catching if mounted on the external wall of museum and you can see it in far away.

  • Hanging banner

    Don’t waste the ceiling area of museum. It can hang with banner or big poster to show the theme of exhibition magnificent and clearly!

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  • Sticker:

    Create and Stick Your Imagination

    Using outdoor removable sticker to unleash your creativity in somewhere of museum, such as pillar, evaluator, lift and staircase Stickers…Imagine and use it to show another aspect of culture and art.

  • Floor Sticker:

    Great Space Savers to Reinforcing Promotion

    Floor stickers can be used to indicate the direction and division of regional use and leading the visitors to different area of exhibition. A special floor sticker with creative artwork or attractive message can make a good impression on the visitors.

  • PVC:

    Mini “Museum Docent” to Introduce Precious Exhibits

    Exhibits Introduction board/ card: When there is no docent accompanied with, the exhibits introduction board is acting as a guide tour. So that all the visitors can quietly understand and appreciate the value of exhibits.

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