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Rectangle Flag - Product Information:
Attract attention with from afar with the Rectangle Flag. Available in four sizes ranging from 1.9m to 4.3m in height. The Rectangle flag design allows for a larger graphic area to portray your brand or promotional message.

Single-sided flags are printed on one side only with ink showing through as a mirrored image (reverse image) at approximately 85-95% bleed through. All bases are engineered specifically to be free rotating allowing the flag to move with the breeze.

Our high quality construction and DuraHem stitching means a sturdier wind flag for your indoor or outdoor use. 


Printable Size of Bow Banner
(Visual Size)

Size / Height of Flag with stand


450 (W) x 1490 (H) mm

484 (W) x 1900 (H) mm


550 (W) x 1960 (H) mm

584 (W) x 2500 (H) mm


700 (W) x 2450 (H) mm

734 (W) x 3100 (H) mm


800 (W) x 3550 (H) mm

834 (W) x 4300 (H) mm

  • ‧ Suitable for: Exhibition, promotion, open day, booth, competition, market, group activity
  • ‧ Flexible, lightweight and mobile
  • ‧ The flag is lightweight and thin, high light penetration
  • ‧ Single-sided printing: a mirrored image on the other side, 85-95% bleed through
  • ‧ Available in a range of sizes for different occasions
  • ‧ Single-sided flags are printed on one side only, the ink shows through on the other side as a mirrored image (reverse image) with approximately 85-95% bleed through
  • ‧ Package included: Single sided Print + Pole + Carry bag
  • ‧ Choice of the base (sold separately)



產品 尺寸/型號 下載
長方形旗 734x3100

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