Same Day Printing

Bannershop Same Day Pickup Service: Promotional supplies are completed in one day!

Have you ever had a promotional campaign tomorrow but still haven't ordered a display board, a friend's birthday party is held in the evening, and the Banner has just been designed, the company's promotional plan is decided at the last minute, and you have to prepare promotional materials today?

In Hong Kong, everyone want everything as fast as possible, but finding high quality and fast producing promotional products takes work.

Because of this, Bannershop now launches a Same day Pickup Service!

Customers who use Same Day Pickup Service can get the required products on the same day by completing all the ordering procedures before 3 pm every day.

You can enjoy fast and high quality printing services at the same time!

Bannershop Same Day Pickup Service

Up to four hours same day Pickup
Multiple products can be produced in one day
Same Day Pickup in Yau Tong
Professional sales team follow up
Bannershop Same Day Pickup Service
Order fees Product price multiplied 3 times or $300, whichever is higher
Service Hours Monday to Friday 9:00A.M. - 3:00 p.m.
Applicable products The 1 day delivery products from Foamboard, Vinyl banners, Pull Up banners, Stickers and BGreen™ series.(Product List)
Pickup methods Yau Tong office self pickup
Printing time Up to 4 hours, according to the amount and complexity of the products
Terms & Conditions

The Same day Pickup Service and product pickup time vary according to different products and quantities. After receiving the inquiry, the sales department will reply with the estimated starting time.

Same Day Pickup service is only available at the Yau Tong office. Delivery and third party pickup service cannot be arranged for the time being. The actual product price and urgent cost are subject to the quotation provided by the sales department.

Same Day Pickup service requires that all order procedures (order confirmation, provision of specifications and payment procedures) be completed before 3 pm on the same day to be considered a successful order submission. If the guarantee is not confirmed within the time, there is a chance that the goods will not be delivered at the original time or date, and the fees charged will not be refunded.

Suppose the Customer receives a partial or full refund for any reason. In that case, the amount will be retained in the Customer's original account for deduction at the time of future ordering, valid for six months, after which it will be forfeited.

Bannershop has the right to require customers to take photos or return the suspected goods to us for investigation and approval. Returned goods must be in good condition, or they will not be accepted.

Bannershop shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential loss or damage claims for profits, costs, expenses, or damages arising from the Customer's use of the Company's products or services under any representations, circumstances, or terms.