Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Stand


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Touch-less Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Stand - Product Information

  • ‧ Suitable for: beauty center, gym room, office, retail store, shopping mall, school, hospital, clinic, hotel, restaurant, factory, building entrances etc.
  • ‧ Infrared sensor, touch-less, avoid cross-infection, more hygienic and safe
  • ‧ Sensor performance is stable, durable and sensitive
  • ‧ The sensor is uses battery and can be installed anywhere without placing it near the socket
  • ‧ Independent bracket, no need to install on the wall, convenient and flexible to move
  • ‧ Create a professional and security image
  • ‧ H-shaped bracket feet, firm and stable
  • ‧ Adjustable height pole
  • ‧ Easy to install & only the Stand feet need to be assembled by yourself
  • ‧ Free carry bag

*The product does not include disinfectant
*Stand feet need to be assembled by yourself


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感應式搓手液機連展架 600x2000